Here you can find custom content I made for the Sims, mostly Sims and a few clothing recolors.

Alternative Links: Era Stockhausen Faust Stockhausen

Supertoys last all summer long - Separate tops and bottoms for adult males

Beggars can´t be choosers - 6 separates for adult males


Six Tops, six bottoms and six scarves for adult males - Couture for the apocalyptically inclined.

But of course also your slobs, grunge lovers or poor Sims will love to slouch in these shabby clothes.

Only after I finished everything I noticed that in combination with this shirt, the scarf will clip and have a hole in it, as seen on image 3. Great! Ignore it, or use it with another shirt. I am sorry!


Kayleigh/Under Your Skin for the pants (MESH_kayleigh_amb_skinnyjeans-sliponvans-010111 and MESH_kayleigh_amb_skinnyjeans-iodocs-110812), Mel/Rented Space ([Mesh]Mel_3t2_LukaszLayeredTee_AM) for the shirt, Aikea for the scarf (MESH_aikea_guinea-AM_Accessory_Scarf-101807).

Meshes are included, I hope that is ok.

I can´t run a compressorizer on my Mac, so these are uncompressed.

Thanks to all lovely CC providers and my models Frantisek, Lazlo and Pascal!

Oh, and yes, you might want to have a link to download these shabby treasures!



Vulpes Inculta Sim, inspired by Ghanima Atreides´ beautiful Sim and outfit on GOS.


Ghanima Atreides - Outfit (The headgear is part of the dress, not an accessory)

Pooklet - Face template

Alfred Askew - Model C brows and Fuzzy beard

Shady - Piercing

Zol - Scars and Dovahkiin Warpaint

Nabila - Lips

Mouseyblue - Eyes

Download Box


Seven AM Tops on a Navetsea base.

This is a basegame top which needs no mesh.

I included Navetsea´s original recolor, too. It originally came packed with a sim.

Download Box


3 Bottom Only dresses for AF on a Keoni Mesh

1 Top Only Jacket on an Amaryll Mesh

Meshes are included, thanks to the talented creators!

Download Box


7 AM Tops on an Amaryll mesh based on Trapping´s recolors

Meshes are included, thanks to the talented creators!

Download Box


I uploaded a bunch of Castaway clothing recolors in this post.

Another recolor for a Castaway/Twikkii hood can be found here!

Tea in Narnia - A Mr. Tumnus Sim

Rebellina Top-Only Dress in 7 Variations

Uses a mesh by Hysterical Paroxysm

Mesh is included.

If you add CatofEvilGenius´ pregnant morph, your pregnant Sims can wear it.

Pregnant Mesh is not included!!

Based on a recolor by Sleepless Angel.


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Wishing all people who celebrate it a Happy Easter!

A tiny gift from the bunny: Lace´s Aeris Dress (with added preg and fat morphs by kalynn) in four grunged up recolors for AF. The image is a bit brightened, so I added a swatch for you to see the real colors.



Puck, Laethleril and Thranduil are happy to present you the newest trends in High Elves Fashion!

A comfortable frock, made of the finest materials, based on a template by Yuxi, is the dernier cri in Veronaville this autumn.

It comes in three subtle colors and can be worn casually, as well as on formal occasions. If the weather conditions are not too harsh in our lovely city, it also serves as an overcoat that can be worn outside.

- Adults only
- Casual, Formal, Outerwear
- Files are uncompressed
- Preg- and fatmorphs
- Mesh included —Attention:

From Yuxi:

„All outfits include an extra mesh labelled 'smoothhands': This mesh uses Tenshii~Akari's smooth hands, which makes the hands appear well, smoother, as visible in the previews. The regular mesh uses the regular Maxis hands. Delete the mesh you don't want - you can't use both at the same time. „


These five circlets use beautiful jewelry pieces by Rene Lalique and Georges Fouquet. I turned them into Costume Makeup/Fullface Makeup. They don´t need any mesh.

Sadly, these look so much better in the .psd compared to the game, but I still found them decent enough to share.
Enabled for Children - Elders, both genders.

Have a "I went a little overboard making it" swatch:


I needed a recolor for Neton, the front left elf, and it took some fiddling until I got the colors right. Still, I like how those turned out, except maybe for the the dark green/emerald robe on Tybalt - this is why he hides in the back :-)

I used Betty´s MESH_BJEMonksRobe from the Midsimmer Night´s Dream download and a base by Miien - the Saruman robe.

The mesh is included, Miien´s recolors in grey and white are not.

Warning - this mesh has issues. The feet and the right shoulder overlap, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not get it right. This is the reason the feet are close in color to the robe. There is either a spot on the shoulder from the shoe color or vice versa, as you can see on the preview.

- Uncompressed
- No morphs
- For adult males
- Casual, Formal, Outerwear


While I was at it, I made some recolors of Betty´s MESH_BJEMonksRobe from the Midsimmer Night´s Dream download, too, this time for monks.

I took away the chain from the original mesh, shortened the rope around the waist, because it distorts quite a bit. It still does, but it is slightly better. I also added a new little bag.

The mesh is included.

Warning - this mesh has issues. The feet and the right shoulder overlap, and no matter how hard I tried, I could not get it right. This is the reason the feet are close in color to the robe. There is either a spot on the shoulder from the shoe color or vice versa, as you can see on the preview.

- Uncompressed
- No morphs
- For adult males
- Casual, Formal, Outerwear


I had a blast making these and taking the screenshots :-)

I discovered Frezia´s cute AM PJs on MTS, and got inspired to make these 5 AM everyday bottoms. They are on a Maxis mesh, if you don´t have Sexyfeet installed, these show up with blockfeet.

The top is based on Javiera´s “Simplicity Rush”. I made 5 recolors in the same pattern as the bottoms, and another 5 recolors in gradients which fit the color scheme of the pants.

The lovely Terribleselfsims was so kind to convert these files so they are availabe in PJ and Athletic, also. Thank you so much, Terribleselfsims!

To access them, you need to buy them in Everyday. They will then show up in the respective categories when you use dressers or Pescado´s clothing tool, but not in Bodyshop or CAS.

Javiera for the mesh
Orion Nebula
Jane Thomas Soap Bubbles
Rick Stevens Art
Colleen Wilcox Art
Photoshop Pattern

Terribleselfsims for recategorizing the separates

Download Just Everyday - Alternate Download
Download enabled for Everyday, PJ and Athletic - Alternate Download

Just a quick recolor of a Top-only mesh I wanted to do for ages.

The mesh I used is „MESH_aftopjeansjacketshort0910“ by Amaryll, and it is included.
I already made an orange recolor of this mesh here, but always needed more recolors. They come in a darker red with a red undershirt, a lighter red with a rose shirt (rosered) as well as in teal and green.

Here is an unedited shot where you can see the colors more clearly:


Download SFSDownload Dropbox

Wishing everybody a wonderful and happy new year!
I love Garden of Shadows „Unfinished Business“ theme, and posted some mostly medieval clothes there.

A while ago, I watched the movie „Epic“ and fell in love with Nod´s tye dye shirt. Here is my recreation of it. It fits nicely in my medieval hood.

And I had some new pants lying around.

First some Pixie pants with sandals in three shades of green, and two suede leather pants in brown.

As usual, nothing is perfect, textures for the Open Boot pants are a tad bit blurry, but I think the clothes are decent enough to be shared.

I made the pants a while ago, so the filenames are a bit off, but it isn´t too difficult to delete them in bodyshop, they have proper descriptions.

Top has both fat and preg morph, and I think the pants, too. Meshes are all included. Uncompressed.

Nod Shirt: Amaryll´s MESH_Amaryllamtopsweater0611, I used a Misomoso recolor as a base.
Pixie Leggings: Julie J MESH-JulieJ-AlphaJeansSandals
Suede Pants: MESH_aikea_guinea-AM_Bottom_OpenBoots-072908 with Trapping´s fat and preg morph

Download SFS

Someone was looking for a surfer dude sim on MTS, and I instantly thought of Ragnar Eriksson.

You can download him with his original Bodybuilder shape (with Bodybuilder meshes and linked skintone) or with a normal Maxis body (with a different skintone and Maxis clothing).

Please let me know if I borked anything.

Download Ragnar Maxis Bodyshape Box Dropbox
Download Ragnar Bodybuilder Bodyshape Box Dropbox

Info and Credits:

Maxis Bodyshape:

Shady Wild Eyes
Galaxy Brows
Facestubble by Oritasho (I think, it says „ori“ in the description)
Lilith Genetic Solitude Skin Beach
Trapping Dreads Long
Maxis Clothing

Bodybuilder Bodyshape:

Shady Wild Eyes
Galaxy Brows
Facestubble by Oritasho (I think, it says „ori“ in the description)
Trapping Dreads Long
Openhouse Washout Jeans

I am not sure if the Bodybuilder Bodyshape was properly packed, I included it in the Bodybuilder download:



Well, not really. Summer this year in Germany means torrential rainfalls, lots of thunder and lightning, and cold. But a girl can dream, right?

Have some colorful and slightly wacky summer clothes for your female and male sims.
Meshes are all included, thanks to the creators for all the lovely meshes and patterns! Files are uncompressed.


I again used HystericalParoxysm´s alpha dress top, because I really like it. And this time I also learned you can not simply ignore one layer, because it makes the dress look weird with certain poses. A few hours later and lots of cursing, now have the completely recolored alpha dress in four colors (there is a little seam visible in certain poses, be forwarned!).

I  am using Webbing´s edited mesh with fat and preg morphs. It works with existing recolors of the original mesh.

Download HystericalParoxysm AF Top


Tank Top by Alwayssims in three colors
Download Alwayssims AM Top

Pants by Trapping in three colors, sorry, could not find a direct link, it is a TS3 to TS2 conversion with sneakers
Download Trapping AM Pants

Download all in one file

Texture Credits:

AF Top:

Butterfly Tye Dye
Roses Red
Lightblue Flowers

AM Tops
Tye Dye
Erin Ashley, “The Bay of Noon”

Land of Nod Studio

AM Bottoms
Tye Dye
Light blue Paisley
Allegro Red light green


A set of 5 AM Tops with various patterns.
Mesh by Veranka

Skull - Princess Thalila
Orange/Pink Mint Galaxy Print - Hubble Galaxy Pictures Google
Colourful - Tackon
Bluish Pattern - Unica Zürn

Download SFSDownload Mediafire


Have a teeny tiny upload, with one recolor of a Fakepeeps Bottom (MESH_fp7_cfbottomshortsboots_113008) from her very cute Gelato collection for girls and four recolors of a Maxis shirt, which needs no mesh. The bottom is unisex. As per Fakepeeps policy, I did not include the mesh, so get it from the above link.


Download SFS

Download Mediafire


I have another one for the Unfinished Business over at GOS!

A while ago I stumbled upon this beautiful default replacement of the male Mad Scientist career outfit by Mortire, originally made by Coldfire.

Only the mechanical hand bothered me, until I found a mesh replacement from Qahne which uses gloves for both hands.

I used Coldfires recolors (black and Steampunk brown, included) and made three additional ones, in green, blue and red. With my limited knowledge of recoloring, I could not get rid of the shine on the shoes and gloves, so I left it as it was.

I made three versions for the different clothing categories in game:

Everyday only
Outerwear only
Everyday and Outerwear

Pick one of the versions that suits you the most.

If you put Qahnes mesh into your download folder, it replaces the Mad Scientist Career Outfit MESH for males and females, so you get two gloves instead of one glove and a mechanical hand. The textures will be the original game textures.

If you want Mortires default version, you need their recolor (pick only one).

You can have both Mortires default and my recolors in your game at the same time, and also use no default at all, then my recolors will appear with a glove and a mechanical hand.

I hope all this is not too confusing, if it is, please let me know.

Please get Qahnes mesh at the above link.


Download Everyday only SFS - Download Everyday only Mediafire

Download Outerwear only SFS - Download Outerwear only Mediafire

Download Everyday and Outerwear SFS - Download Everyday and Outerwear Mediafire

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