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I thought I make just one page for the images I worked on with Photoshop. I will add (and delete) images as I feel inclined :-) I mostly used photo filters, sometimes textures to edit the screenshots. These are mostly impromptu shots, because I lack the patience to pose my Simmies. All images are copyright Rebellina Smith!

A total, heartfelt thanks to all the creators of custom content. Without them, my game wouldn´t be as fun as it is.

Thanks also to Lieveheersbeestje´s and her stunning Old Tone Photoshop actions on DeviantArt, as well as the other artists who provide such great tools for a great program.

My first use of a posebox :-) Lewis Riddell in his Steampunk Dorm.

My all time favorite - Lewis Riddell

A contest entry for DeviantArt, Alice in Wonderland and Matt Hatter

A community lot owned by Matt named Wonderland. of course.

Shot of an Oriental Bath

Flux Hatter, son of Matt Hatter and a Pollination Technician :-)

Love how Psycho this image looks! Yair Fallon and heavy use of textures

Nimai Nayar, a Sim for a GOS challenge

One of my favorite Sims, Antonius Shadowbane with the Slim Bodybuilder Bodyshape and a werewolf skin.

Alice and Matt in Wonderland

Cemetary Community lot

Another all time favorite Sim, Arkadij Gustavsson. Somehow, the best shots I get are from Sims who shower or get out of the tub :-)

Eldred Rice

Era Stockhausen

Arkadij´s twin brother Flynn Gustavsson. The Gustavssons are just too pretty! Love the charlatan in the background.

Room 6 in a Gothic themed hotel in Three Lakes

Flynn Gustavsson getting out of the bathtub

John Hunter getting out of the bathtub :-)

Abused Macro Leclerc. He always seems to get into trouble.

Another shower shot, this time with nice buns by Neel Delacroix and Amadeus Waters

This still makes me giggle. The expression is priceless. Aniel Cabron.

A Servo Party. Love that Sixties SF-feeling. Gorgeous Steampunk Skins by the uber-talented Sherabim

Desk in Stockhausen Manor

Tyr Landgraab. Benghalis Skin edit by Trapping.

More Tyr in the front and a funny Jin Ikx in the back.

Arkadij Gustavsson from the Gustavsson Legacy
Arkham Asylum, Wallpaper by Taure, Window by Adele - not so terribly original, because the wallpaper is already extremely fantastic, but I still like the shot
Interior Shot with Arkham Asylum Wallpaper


Room 5 in a gothic Three Lakes Hotel, contest entry at GOS

Yair Fallon Interior

Darien Gustavsson, son of Flynn Gustavsson and John Hunter

Darien Gustavsson, son of Flynn Gustavsson and John Hunter

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