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Aeon Adams and Eldred Rice II

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(Very) short summary: Aeon Adams and Eldred Rice fell in love with each other while being in Uni. Eldred graduated and moved in with his BFF Luna Hatter.

The relationship between Eldred and Aeon had cooled down a bit. They say, absence makes the heart grow fonder,  but in this case, it was more like "Out of sight, out of mind". Aeon started flirting with Basic (sheesh, Basic, you are part of the Gustavsson Legacy now, stop that fooling around!), and both Aeon and Eldred lacked a bit of enthusiasm for each other whenever they met.

They were thinking of splitting up for good when Luna decided to invite Aeon over for dinner. One thing led to another, Eldred led Aeon to bed, and I could not believe what I heard: the post-coital jingle aka lullaby. Eldred got pregnant, with twins!!! This is the third unplanned pregnancy in the neighborhood, and the second time it hits a gay couple which is ready to break up (first was Lewis and Dorian who are glad they stayed together).

Here you see a happy Aeon leaving his knocked up boyfriend who is blissfully unaware of things to come.

My Knowledge sims have commitment issues, but always a great sense of responsibility. Aeon is no different, he races through the last semesters of Uni, graduates summa cum laude, and he and Eldred buy a house with a lake. He has no intention on marrying, though. It is fine for Eldred, who is relieved he does not have to raise the twins on his own.

It sounded like a great idea at the time I picked my neighborhood - mountains. A look at the image reveals the reality. This is not a skyscraper, but the road up the hill. In a 90 degree angle. Amazing.

The attempt to flatten the terrain made things even worse. Never, ever will I create a new neighborhood in the mountains. Promised. It is not only the visual insult that is bad. I hate the camera suddenly going up and down again when zooming in and out. I really, really hate it, but there is nothing I can do. Exept maybe move every single house in the neighborhood into the bin and into a new hood, but I am not sure if I want to do it, and if it is safe. I have 38 families in this hood and a bunch more houses, so this would take forever.
Their first breakfast in the new house. Eldred is not shy and brings up the issue with Basic.

"Was that really necessary? An affair with Basic??"

"Awww, come on! It was not an "affair"! I kissed Basic, and I already apologized. I am sorry. Ok?"

It obviously is.

Aeon is desperately searching for a job. They are really low on money, the house wasn´t cheap, and I forget about the money for the maternity leave. Aeon wants to be a Mad Scientist, but the job doesn´t show up for, I don´t know, five days? It drives Aeon nuts and makes him grouchy.

Out of desperation, he picks the job in the Showbiz career, because it brings in the most money, and quickly makes it to Broadway star. Who would have guessed? :-)

The pregnancy goes smoothly. No throwing up, no question marks over Eldred´s head. As a doctor, he should know what is going on.

When he pops, he is aware it was not the pancakes he just ate.

He pops a little more. And looks like, hmm, too much beer?

And then the great moment arrives.

Yes, Mr. Wannabe Mad Scientist, Woohoo is exactly what created the situation you find yourself in now!

The first baby is a girl, and awwww ... totally inherited Aeon´s genes. She looks like a copy of his sister Elaine as a baby and gets named Undine.

The second baby is a girl, too. And for some reason, I did not take a screenshot. Don´t ask me why. Her name is Violet.

And then fate knocks on the door.  Harold Lloyd makes an appearance. He is a sim I made and townified, being curious how long it would take until somebody falls in love with him. He often calls my sims, but mostly married women, Faust Stockhausen hung out in the tub with him, but only has one bolt, he landed in another tub of the infamous Romance sim Roxanne, and I feared for his virginity, but he came out of it immaculate. Sadly, Eldred does not have a tub, but three bolts for the cute guy who is as shy as he is.

They make friends quickly, and my imagination goes rampant. How about letting Harold move in with them? But for the moment I drop the idea, and Harold trots away.

Having newborns is rather easy at first. They mostly lie in the crib.

The guys even have time to study.

I am so unsure what to do with them, so I stop my micromanaging and just let them do what they want.

Aww, I kind of missed that. Raising twins is not an easy task after a while. They have no help except from the creepy male maid Maximilian with the purple gloves who never cleans the shower nor toilet. I am glad Eldred loves to clean, it is a source of pleasure for him to scrub, so his mood is mostly great.

Aeon hasn´t lost his sense of humor, he learned the sea shanty from Juan (Chico) Ramirez, and loves to entertain Eldred in the kitchen.

 And then the girls grow up. Urgh. Undine just needs a new hairdo and is basically cute, but Violet??

This looks more like a mix of dog and baby. Only the eyes and brows look familiar. I am glad there is something like plastic surgery.

Undine is really cute.

She quickly wins over her aunt Elaine´s heart with being a spitting image of her.

After some cautious surgery, even Violet looks cute and a bit like Aeon without all the body hair.

I have no idea where Eldred put his genes. Maybe he misplaced them.

Eldred thinks the same when trying to teach Violet to speak.

I did not take many pictures when they were toddlers. It was a mess. Eldred was lucky when he got two hours of sleep in a row. One toddler woke up the other who had just been put in bed. Empty, stinky bottles everywhere. Constant running to clean the potties. A bug which dropped the environmental score really low. I have not been able to find out what is causing it. But the kids grew up well and Aeon finally found his mad scientist job.

The impression I have a preference for Undine might not be entirely false. I just have a weak spot for the Shadowbane werewolf gene. So, again, no picture of Violet, who was in bed already. Thanks heavens!

After the birthday celebration, Aeon and Eldred just fell into bed, totally exhausted. They are still there, recovering from raising the twins. Stay tuned, there might be an update sooner or later! I always want to have a family vacation, maybe this family might be the lucky one.

Luna Hatter

I just realized that Luna did not get a proper introduction.

She is the daughter of Matt Hatter and the the result of an alien abduction. Her stepfather is Reamur Shadowbane.


(I am using a multi-pollination technician mod from the Garden of Shadows called "Stolen by Fairies" from Hat. Isn´t Luna just gorgeous???)

Matt, Rae and the servo Nautilus made sure she received all the attention she needed.

Her brother, also the result of an alien abduction, is Flux Hatter.

When she grew up, she made friends with Sophie Black, adopted daughter of Malcolm Black (neé Landgraab) and Jonathan Black, and also with Elaine Adams, who became her best friend.

She has another brother, Reamur Shadowbane, who is Matt´s and Rae´s son.

(Despite his parents being great-looking, I am not too fond of his face and constantly try to get it right without losing the combined Shadowbane/Hatter look. I am still not content.)

Luna sadly rolled a Romance aspiration (her father and step-father are both Knowledge Sims, and this is how I picture her, but I thought I could always change that later).

She lived with Elaine and Eldred in the Greek House. It was a great trio, except for the fact that Eldred was heart-broken because his lover Jonah Powers completely forgot about him after graduation.

There was a short episode of infatuation with Ziggy, Elaine´s fiancé, which caused quite a bit of turmoil in the Greek House.

Both are aliens, and they were naturally drawn to each other, but after Ziggy had broken up with Elaine, they realized it was not about sex, but a deeper bonding due to their alien legacy, and decided to stay close friends, and not lovers. (Gosh, it broke my heart to separate Elaine from Ziggy. These two are just meant for each other!!)

Luna had a few other lovers, with Amir Thompson being the most remarkable.

She still has a crush on him and sees him regularly, but they have not decided to go really steady.

I managed to get her through most of Uni with that dreaded Romance aspiration, then gave in after it became too annoying. Now she is a Knowledge sim and enjoys life as a journalist.

A little blurb about her relationship with Eldred:

Eldred grew up in a children´s home without parents, and  invokes a lot of motherly feelings in Luna. When he was heart-broken in Uni, he would have been easy prey for Luna, but she tactfully refrained from dragging him into bed. They became best friends and moved in together after their graduation, while Eldred was waiting for Aeon to finish Uni.

Deep inside, Luna loves Eldred. She is touched by his shyness as well as his determination to make something out of his life. He studied extremely hard to become a doctor, and she admires his ambition (and bed-making qualites). She knows he is gay (I mean, it is hard to overlook :-) ), so she never really approached him.

When Eldred got pregnant with twins, he moved out and left a very sad Luna.

Jonah Powers V

This is a continuation of these five posts: Jonah Powers I, Jonah Powers II, Jonah Powers III, Jonah Powers IV, Aeon Adams.

To sum it up, Jonah met Eldred while in college, fell in love with him and proposed. The two stayed in a Greek House. Jonah could not completely forget about his first love, Mitch Indie, though, so this is when the confusion started. Jonah showed little interest to stay in touch with Eldred when he graduated, so eventually Eldred separated and got together with Aeon.

Yeah, Jonah. A Knowledge Sim which I put into the Showbusiness Career just to punish him for not taking care of Eldred. He is doing well there, though, as long as he is able to skillinate, he is happy. He has the LTW of maxing 7 skills and has already reached the top of his career. He is a blockbuster director now :-)

When it was time for Mitch Indie to graduate, I thought it was a great idea to put him into Jonah´s house. And indeed, when I opened up the lot, Jonah rolled the want to flirt with Mitch. Nice confirmation!

Jonah was overjoyed that Mitch moved in with him. Really happy!

Mitch got a job in the Law Enforcement career.

Mitch as a family sim wanted to get engaged to Jonah, but Jonah didn´t. This was when the trouble began. Jonah is your typical antisocial, commitment-phobic knowledge sim. No interest in building a family. To top it all off, Jonah started rolling wants to speak with Eldred and flirt with him. Honestly, Jonah, when you lived in that house all by yourself, for months and months, you never rolled that want. Eldred was desperately waiting for your call, but you just didn´t care. Now Eldred broke the engagement, Mitch has moved in and wants to marry you, and all you want is to call Eldred! Seriously, man!!

And I thought, maybe it wasn´t such a good idea to let Mitch move in with Jonah. He was not happy. And started rolling wants to meet with Max Flexor, his roommate and other love-interest in college. Max got townified and given his true aspiration, Romance. So, honestly, Mitch, he is not such a great choice if you want to build a family. Mitch couldn´t make up his mind to move out, though. He stayed with Jonah, who thought everything was great. They met with friends ...

... studied together, just like in college. Jonah thought things were just great.

Mitch didn´t.

(Please ignore the "Someone just cut off my head and put it on a different body"-look. I obviously have a problem with custom skins, which is very frustrating, but I just cannot find the one that is causing that problem on townies. So I decided I just have to live with it, and so do you.)

Yeah, Mitch was really unhappy, but could not muster up the strength to move out again. Maybe he was hoping Jonah would change his mind and marry him eventually, maybe it was a lack of other options, but he stayed. They made love. And then the lullaby tune played. And I thought: Oh no, not another unplanned pregnancy for a couple which is ready to break up!!!

This was the third in a row! I could not believe my ears, but the pregnancy scanner showed that Mitch was expecting twins! Sheesh, ACR, really! I did not even set a risky pregnancy chance, they did not even try for a baby. Maybe it is just that 1 or 3 percent basic chance. Which is really improbable. But not for my unhappy gay couples.

I really did not know what to do, so I left it at that for a few days.

When I came back, they were having breakfast, and Jonah told Mitch that he thought last night´s sex was gorgeous. Yeah.

And then Jonah realized that it was now or never. If he did not commit, Mitch would probably move out and raise the kids alone. And as a good knowledge sim, Jonah is curious about the experience of having kids. And he loves Mitch. He just has problems showing it.

And, tadaa, he proposed!

When I zoomed out, I found Luna standing in front of their house, giving me that look. I was creeped out a bit.

And noticed that she and Mitch share three bolts.

Luna obviously thinks that dark-haired gay men who got just knocked-up with twins are extremely sexy. (I have to write the other post yet to explain the strange coincidence.)

So sorry, Luna. I honestly love you, you are one of the prettiest women in town. But I have not found a decent mate for you yet. Please, stay away from these guys, they have their own issues to solve.

Stay tuned for another update which may come sooner than you think!

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