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Luna Hatter

I just realized that Luna did not get a proper introduction.

She is the daughter of Matt Hatter and the the result of an alien abduction. Her stepfather is Reamur Shadowbane.


(I am using a multi-pollination technician mod from the Garden of Shadows called "Stolen by Fairies" from Hat. Isn´t Luna just gorgeous???)

Matt, Rae and the servo Nautilus made sure she received all the attention she needed.

Her brother, also the result of an alien abduction, is Flux Hatter.

When she grew up, she made friends with Sophie Black, adopted daughter of Malcolm Black (neé Landgraab) and Jonathan Black, and also with Elaine Adams, who became her best friend.

She has another brother, Reamur Shadowbane, who is Matt´s and Rae´s son.

(Despite his parents being great-looking, I am not too fond of his face and constantly try to get it right without losing the combined Shadowbane/Hatter look. I am still not content.)

Luna sadly rolled a Romance aspiration (her father and step-father are both Knowledge Sims, and this is how I picture her, but I thought I could always change that later).

She lived with Elaine and Eldred in the Greek House. It was a great trio, except for the fact that Eldred was heart-broken because his lover Jonah Powers completely forgot about him after graduation.

There was a short episode of infatuation with Ziggy, Elaine´s fiancé, which caused quite a bit of turmoil in the Greek House.

Both are aliens, and they were naturally drawn to each other, but after Ziggy had broken up with Elaine, they realized it was not about sex, but a deeper bonding due to their alien legacy, and decided to stay close friends, and not lovers. (Gosh, it broke my heart to separate Elaine from Ziggy. These two are just meant for each other!!)

Luna had a few other lovers, with Amir Thompson being the most remarkable.

She still has a crush on him and sees him regularly, but they have not decided to go really steady.

I managed to get her through most of Uni with that dreaded Romance aspiration, then gave in after it became too annoying. Now she is a Knowledge sim and enjoys life as a journalist.

A little blurb about her relationship with Eldred:

Eldred grew up in a children´s home without parents, and  invokes a lot of motherly feelings in Luna. When he was heart-broken in Uni, he would have been easy prey for Luna, but she tactfully refrained from dragging him into bed. They became best friends and moved in together after their graduation, while Eldred was waiting for Aeon to finish Uni.

Deep inside, Luna loves Eldred. She is touched by his shyness as well as his determination to make something out of his life. He studied extremely hard to become a doctor, and she admires his ambition (and bed-making qualites). She knows he is gay (I mean, it is hard to overlook :-) ), so she never really approached him.

When Eldred got pregnant with twins, he moved out and left a very sad Luna.

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