Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

Era and Faust Stockhausen Update I

It is time for a little update on the Stockhausens. Read the first part here.

Era as a family Sim would like to find a job in the education career, and manages to get one as a playground supervisor. Maxis blesses us with another horrible outfit, but beautiful Era will look deranged no matter what she wears, and I love her all the more for it.

It is not a huge surprise Era loses the job on her second day. Reprimanding the boisterous children was not the best choice, but Era grew up in a terrible sanatorium, where due to the deranged mind of the head of the sanatorium, Dr. Lichtenheim, the modern trends in education did not have a chance to be implemented.

Poor Era, I feel sorry for her, but at least she has got her brother to cheer her up again.

After she has regained her composure, Era tells her perplexed brother "I am running off to join the circus!"

Thankfully, he manages to talk her out of it, and she decides to take a job in the police career. We will see how that goes.

In fact,  the circus just arrived in town. Coming events cast their shadows before.

While Era is struggling with her job career,  Faust gets invited a lot.

He enjoys a balloon ride on the Cuthbert estate ...

... and entertains himself with the Karaoke machine. He really has an artistic side which I failed to notice before. He neither sings nor dances well, but nevertheless enjoys himself greatly.

The siblings get invited to the Cyrus household (Sheena and Edward), but Era gets chased by a cat and is nowhere to be found. That never happened before, and it is somewhat typical, albeit sad, that Era is the victim of cat terror.

The crowd gathers in the tub, and Harold Lloyd, a Sim I made and townified, gets invited in, also. He is a real cutie, and I always want to pair him up with somebody, and wonder if Faust might be the right guy for him.

I have about 38 families in my neighborhood, and rotate them randomly, playing each family for a day. 

It was Roxanne´s household to be played. Her name says it all. (Check out the fabulous interpretation of that song in the movie "Moulin Rouge" here. It gives me goose-pimples!) She actually is the founder of the neighborhood, I wanted a town with a more loose morale than my starting neighborhood, but my peeps still decided they want to marry. Anyway, Roxanne got herself a sugar-daddy which happened to be Benjamin Long (gosh, I love his long nose!)

Benjamin is a Scientist, and I cringed when he brought Faust from work into the hotbed of sin he calls his home. But guess what? Faust danced. And danced. He actually improved his dancing skills.

Then he sat down on a bench outside, smiling sheepishly.

Then Ben realized what a cutie Faust is. And started his seduction routine. But just when things started to get hot, Faust called it a night and left.

Well, Ben didn´t care and hopped into the love pool with his sugar baby Roxanne. Oh, the kitsch!
And the nose! In profile!

Not sure if Ben is the right love interest for Faust. We will see ...

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