Samstag, 25. Juni 2016

The Tricou Challenge - My Gameplay: The Family Photo

TotallyMaxis just posted their Open House announcement, which gave me the nudge to finally make that family photo I had planned and then was too lazy to do :-)

Challenge 16: Family Photo

The Tricou Family (only partially resurrected)

From left to right:

Arn (Patrick), Orion, Loren, Jon, Aureus, Jennail, Kvornan, Tiave, Jan (Kestrel) and Pandora (Swan) Tricou. I kept some names from my German game.

Still in limbo (not pictured):

Jennicor, Kiernan, Nylissit, Gvaudoin, Fricorith, and Rainelle Neengia.

The Tricou Challenge
My Tricou Gameplay

Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016

The Tricou Challenge - My Gameplay V

And now to the last installment so far! I started the challenge in the summer of 2014, so I have been roughly playing it for two years, on and off. It really takes a long time to get enough money for the resurrections, and I moved the Tricou teens, which in the meantime have become adults, out of the house, because it just became too crowded.

Naturally, the more Sims you have in the house, the faster you earn money, so it might not take you 2+ years to finish the challenge. I also have several different games that I play in rotations.

There are three Sims living in the House of Fallen Tree now: Jon Smith Tricou,  his daughter Jennail Tricou, and Kvornan Tricou, Jennails unfaithful husband. Jennail is pregnant with Kvornan´s baby. She realized the marriage will not work out, but has a hard time accepting it. Kvornan was asked by Jon to stay and contribute to the family funds, so the next deceased can be resurrected. Kvornan teeth-gnashingly accepted, he plans on moving out as soon as that task is accomplished.

Besides that, life goes as usual in in the House of Fallen Trees - the ghosts scare residents and visitors alike. Especially Fricorith is mean, and terrorizes his father Kvornan - I guess he knows well what goes on between his parents.

He also seems unpertubed by the blazing fire Jon managed to create, as long as he can continue to plunder the frigde.


The constant ghost scaring and Jennail being pregnant lead to unpleasant scenes like this:

While the house falls even more into disarray, Jan unabashedly goes on a date with Kvornan at the Leopard Lounge.

"What? Don´t judge me!"

"Yeah, don´t judge us! You haven´t been in limbo for years!"

Well, it seems that having been dead becomes Kvornan´s excuse for everything.

While Kvornan has no problem sliding in the silken sheets with Jan, he still refuses to let Jan give him a backrub or flirt with him. The resurrection process has left him a bit sore and grouchy, it seems.

Jan openly shows me what she thinks of this kind of behavior, and leaves.

The others stay at their new house and dine in a less luxurious surrounding.

As the pater familias, Jon visits often to see if everything is in order.

Have some cute pictures of Aureus in between, Orion´s and Lucien´s love child.

I decide that the new house still is too crowded with the remaining Tricous, so Jan and Pandora move into a new home. The term "home" might be a bit exaggerated, though. "Ramshackle hut" would describe it more accurately.

The "house"-warming party is a full success.

A few months later, and they at least could afford to decorate a few rooms:

I close with two more images from the boys, first Arn and Tiave, and finally Loren, who just looks lovely in MDP´s new jacket!

The Tricou Challenge - My Gameplay IV


Life goes on for the Tricous. The kids have affairs, preferably in various pools, the kids grow up.

They all keep working to gather more money for the next family member to be resurrected.

Jon has a little trouble readjusting after centuries in the grave. He remembers the former glory of the house, which has now fallen into decay. All of a sudden, he has five teenagers to raise, and sometimes everything feels a bit overwhelming.

He finds some distraction by starting an affair with Samantha Ottomas. Thankfully, Jennicor hasn´t been resurrected yet, but it still adds another burden on his already heavy soul.

The graveyard gets constantly zapped, and Jon is a little worried about the gravestones.

But then all the funds are gathered, and the family meets for the next ritual.

Jon has the honor to call Grim this time.

And the winner is ...


He is Jon´s son in law, and makes great start by flirting with Jan. Boo!

Kvornan actually starts an affair with both girls. I guess all this lying in the grave for who knows how long makes him really hungry for life (and fun between silken sheets).

Though Jon is mostly occupied with becoming a Kung Fu master, he finally gets his act together.

Before things can get any more out of control than they already are, he suggests that the kids find a place of their own. Which is good, because Kvornan decided the next candidate for resurrection would be his wife Jennail.

This image actually sums up their relationship pretty well. They have zero bolts, and I guess they only had sentimental reasons for aiming at the next availabe bed to produce some offspring. Sheesh! But that is something for the next update. Stay tuned!

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The Tricou Challenge - My Gameplay III

In my last post, I asked:"Will Orion succeed with his daunting task (to befriend all his siblings)?"

The short answer is: yes! A few weeks later, the kids moved into the House of the Fallen Trees, one after another. They slowly adjusted to the new life they were living now.

Days passed, weeks, then months. Every one of them got a job and worked towards their common goal of resurrecting their father. Then the big day came when Orion finally became an adult. And then this happened:

Oh no, and to quote Ophelia: "O, woe is me, to have seen what I have seen, see what I see!"
This picture is proof that Orion´s face template is broken. It is even worse in profile:

That nose!! Thanks heaven for Simblender and Plastic Surgery. Here is my sweetie with updated features:

Everyone got still tormented by the ghosts.

Gvaudoin and Fricorith even teamed up to scare the kids.

 The girls quickly became my favorites, here is Pandora.

The relationship between Orion and his friend Lucien intensified ... and intensified ... until I suddenly heard the Chimes of Doom. Dang! It wasn´t even clear if these two were meant to stay together, well, tough luck, with a baby on the way you will!

And then the grand night finally arrived when all kids had gathered the necessary funds to do their first resurrection.

The preparations were only slightly disturbed by Nylissit and Jennicor.

Everyone stares at Jan because she came late.

Orion had the honor to call the Grim Reaper.

The tension rises ....

.... aaaand, welcome back, Jon Smith Tricou!!

Orion looks slightly disappointed. Which isn´t really a wonder, the freshly revived Jon fathered six children with six different women, who will probably never be known, and then conveniently died. Shame on you, Jon Smith!

And with that, Orion handed the torch over to Jon. He felt he had done enough to bring the family back together. He was tired of roaming ghosts,  quarreling teenagers, the constant darkness in the house.

Lucien, already well established and owning a little house in the suburbs, welcomed his lover and father of his soon to be son with open arms.

And thus ends part III, watch out for the next part!

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