Freitag, 17. Juni 2016

Summer is here! - Clothes for AF and AM

Well, not really. Summer this year in Germany means torrential rainfalls, lots of thunder and lightning, and cold. But a girl can dream, right?

Have some colorful and slightly wacky summer clothes for your female and male sims.
Meshes are all included, thanks to the creators for all the lovely meshes and patterns! Files are uncompressed.


I again used HystericalParoxysm´s alpha dress top, because I really like it. And this time I also learned you can not simply ignore one layer, because it makes the dress look weird with certain poses. A few hours later and lots of cursing, now have the completely recolored alpha dress in four colors (there is a little seam visible in certain poses, be forwarned!).

I  am using Webbing´s edited mesh with fat and preg morphs. It works with existing recolors of the original mesh.

Download HystericalParoxysm AF Top


Tank Top by Alwayssims in three colors
Download Alwayssims AM Top

Pants by Trapping in three colors, sorry, could not find a direct link, it is a TS3 to TS2 conversion with sneakers
Download Trapping AM Pants

Download all in one file

Texture Credits:

AF Top:

Butterfly Tye Dye
Roses Red
Lightblue Flowers

AM Tops
Tye Dye
Erin Ashley, “The Bay of Noon”

Land of Nod Studio

AM Bottoms
Tye Dye
Light blue Paisley
Allegro Red light green

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