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The Tricou Challenge - My Gameplay I

Warnings: Dark pictures, ghosts, sparse text, adultery, half-nakedness, Photoshop. Oh yeah, and ghosts.

This will probably never be finished, but enjoy what is there (Five chapters). Based on the Tricou Challenge I wrote up here.

It all started when Lucien decided to have some posh dinner downtown.

While feasting on his Lobster Thermidor, he suddenly spotted an unfamiliar face in the crowd he had never seen before.

He quickly became friends with Orion, and the idea for the whole challenge was born! I realized I had finally found one of the elusive Tricou kids. Years ago, when I started playing in a different hood, I spotted a townie that looked different, but before my Sim had a chance to speak with him, he was gone again. And here he was again!

Orion quickly received a little makeover:

As did the house, which had this terrible basement:

Yeah, nice, right? They had swimming vampires back in the day. I know "the basement under water effect" can be avoided, but who needs a basement 250 steps down anyway?

This is how the house looked after a makeover:

Orion moved in, got a job, and started contacting his siblings struggling for his life.

Eating and food were of great concern first - Orion was not a great cook.

And the ghosts kept stealing food.

Thankfully, Lucien invited him once in a while to feed him.

There were constant thunderstorms.

Lightning hitting the graves, which woke up the ghosts also during daytime.

Did I mention the ghosts?

Poor Orion, it was a struggle to survive.

I forgot to mention the fires.

A little cat kept him company once in a while.


Ghosts jumped out of the toilet to scare the visitors, or took bubbly showers.

I am afraid of no ghost!

Orion tried not to lose his spirit, but to no avail.

Gvaudoin Tricou will definitely be the last to be resurrected!

The source of the evil spirits.

Going to bed early because of exhaustion.

And thus the first installment ends!

Continue to Part 2!

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