Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2016

The Tricou Challenge - My Gameplay IV


Life goes on for the Tricous. The kids have affairs, preferably in various pools, the kids grow up.

They all keep working to gather more money for the next family member to be resurrected.

Jon has a little trouble readjusting after centuries in the grave. He remembers the former glory of the house, which has now fallen into decay. All of a sudden, he has five teenagers to raise, and sometimes everything feels a bit overwhelming.

He finds some distraction by starting an affair with Samantha Ottomas. Thankfully, Jennicor hasn´t been resurrected yet, but it still adds another burden on his already heavy soul.

The graveyard gets constantly zapped, and Jon is a little worried about the gravestones.

But then all the funds are gathered, and the family meets for the next ritual.

Jon has the honor to call Grim this time.

And the winner is ...


He is Jon´s son in law, and makes great start by flirting with Jan. Boo!

Kvornan actually starts an affair with both girls. I guess all this lying in the grave for who knows how long makes him really hungry for life (and fun between silken sheets).

Though Jon is mostly occupied with becoming a Kung Fu master, he finally gets his act together.

Before things can get any more out of control than they already are, he suggests that the kids find a place of their own. Which is good, because Kvornan decided the next candidate for resurrection would be his wife Jennail.

This image actually sums up their relationship pretty well. They have zero bolts, and I guess they only had sentimental reasons for aiming at the next availabe bed to produce some offspring. Sheesh! But that is something for the next update. Stay tuned!

Continue to Chapter 5!

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