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The Tricou Challenge - My Gameplay III

In my last post, I asked:"Will Orion succeed with his daunting task (to befriend all his siblings)?"

The short answer is: yes! A few weeks later, the kids moved into the House of the Fallen Trees, one after another. They slowly adjusted to the new life they were living now.

Days passed, weeks, then months. Every one of them got a job and worked towards their common goal of resurrecting their father. Then the big day came when Orion finally became an adult. And then this happened:

Oh no, and to quote Ophelia: "O, woe is me, to have seen what I have seen, see what I see!"
This picture is proof that Orion´s face template is broken. It is even worse in profile:

That nose!! Thanks heaven for Simblender and Plastic Surgery. Here is my sweetie with updated features:

Everyone got still tormented by the ghosts.

Gvaudoin and Fricorith even teamed up to scare the kids.

 The girls quickly became my favorites, here is Pandora.

The relationship between Orion and his friend Lucien intensified ... and intensified ... until I suddenly heard the Chimes of Doom. Dang! It wasn´t even clear if these two were meant to stay together, well, tough luck, with a baby on the way you will!

And then the grand night finally arrived when all kids had gathered the necessary funds to do their first resurrection.

The preparations were only slightly disturbed by Nylissit and Jennicor.

Everyone stares at Jan because she came late.

Orion had the honor to call the Grim Reaper.

The tension rises ....

.... aaaand, welcome back, Jon Smith Tricou!!

Orion looks slightly disappointed. Which isn´t really a wonder, the freshly revived Jon fathered six children with six different women, who will probably never be known, and then conveniently died. Shame on you, Jon Smith!

And with that, Orion handed the torch over to Jon. He felt he had done enough to bring the family back together. He was tired of roaming ghosts,  quarreling teenagers, the constant darkness in the house.

Lucien, already well established and owning a little house in the suburbs, welcomed his lover and father of his soon to be son with open arms.

And thus ends part III, watch out for the next part!

Continue to Part 4!

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