Samstag, 25. Juni 2016

The Tricou Challenge - My Gameplay: The Family Photo

TotallyMaxis just posted their Open House announcement, which gave me the nudge to finally make that family photo I had planned and then was too lazy to do :-)

Challenge 16: Family Photo

The Tricou Family (only partially resurrected)

From left to right:

Arn (Patrick), Orion, Loren, Jon, Aureus, Jennail, Kvornan, Tiave, Jan (Kestrel) and Pandora (Swan) Tricou. I kept some names from my German game.

Still in limbo (not pictured):

Jennicor, Kiernan, Nylissit, Gvaudoin, Fricorith, and Rainelle Neengia.

The Tricou Challenge
My Tricou Gameplay

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