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The Tricou Challenge - My Gameplay II

In the first installment here we met Orion, unsuspecting heir to a Mansion full of ghosts, also known as the House of Fallen Trees. I made a challenge out of it, called the Tricou challenge, which is described here.

As I mentioned there, it was a struggle to keep Orion Tricou happy. As a pleasure sim, he came home from school badly in need of fun, but in this dark, haunted house, this was not easily reached. Notice the pile of homework in the back, causing Orion more distress.

Orion in an obviously suicidal mood, visiting the family graveyard after dusk.

Thankfully, he survived.

Orion ready to tear apart his report card.

Lucien is a dear friend and comes over frequently, while Orion tries to study hard for his teen job.

A view of the frugally decorated living-room. My poor Sims usually need to struggle for every piece of furniture.

The first outing to get in touch with his siblings.  Excuse the bare-boned downtown, my machine can´t handle decorations and other buildings.

It is Kestrel Tricou, who was quickly renamed to Jan Tricou and later received a makeover. The outing didn´t go too well.

Tiave is next. Finally someone to play with!

Later that week, he invites Loren over.

 And some more impressions from Orion.

Puberty has hit him hard, I noticed a while ago that teens get pimples after their first romantic interaction. His flirt is Lucien.

Admire the Magically Burning Tree which quickly restores itself!


Patrick Tricou who received a new name and is now called Arn.

Fricorith, still unsurrected, is a real spoil sport.

This is Jan again, formerly known as Kestrel. She and her sister Swan, now Pandora, cleaned up nicely!

Now Orion met all his siblings, the task now is to make best friends with each of them! Will Orion succeed with this daunting task, or will lack of charisma, burnt noodles, piling homework, burning trees and evil spirits stop our young hero from reaching his goal? Find out in the next installment!

Continue to Part 3!

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