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Jonah Powers V

This is a continuation of these five posts: Jonah Powers I, Jonah Powers II, Jonah Powers III, Jonah Powers IV, Aeon Adams.

To sum it up, Jonah met Eldred while in college, fell in love with him and proposed. The two stayed in a Greek House. Jonah could not completely forget about his first love, Mitch Indie, though, so this is when the confusion started. Jonah showed little interest to stay in touch with Eldred when he graduated, so eventually Eldred separated and got together with Aeon.

Yeah, Jonah. A Knowledge Sim which I put into the Showbusiness Career just to punish him for not taking care of Eldred. He is doing well there, though, as long as he is able to skillinate, he is happy. He has the LTW of maxing 7 skills and has already reached the top of his career. He is a blockbuster director now :-)

When it was time for Mitch Indie to graduate, I thought it was a great idea to put him into Jonah´s house. And indeed, when I opened up the lot, Jonah rolled the want to flirt with Mitch. Nice confirmation!

Jonah was overjoyed that Mitch moved in with him. Really happy!

Mitch got a job in the Law Enforcement career.

Mitch as a family sim wanted to get engaged to Jonah, but Jonah didn´t. This was when the trouble began. Jonah is your typical antisocial, commitment-phobic knowledge sim. No interest in building a family. To top it all off, Jonah started rolling wants to speak with Eldred and flirt with him. Honestly, Jonah, when you lived in that house all by yourself, for months and months, you never rolled that want. Eldred was desperately waiting for your call, but you just didn´t care. Now Eldred broke the engagement, Mitch has moved in and wants to marry you, and all you want is to call Eldred! Seriously, man!!

And I thought, maybe it wasn´t such a good idea to let Mitch move in with Jonah. He was not happy. And started rolling wants to meet with Max Flexor, his roommate and other love-interest in college. Max got townified and given his true aspiration, Romance. So, honestly, Mitch, he is not such a great choice if you want to build a family. Mitch couldn´t make up his mind to move out, though. He stayed with Jonah, who thought everything was great. They met with friends ...

... studied together, just like in college. Jonah thought things were just great.

Mitch didn´t.

(Please ignore the "Someone just cut off my head and put it on a different body"-look. I obviously have a problem with custom skins, which is very frustrating, but I just cannot find the one that is causing that problem on townies. So I decided I just have to live with it, and so do you.)

Yeah, Mitch was really unhappy, but could not muster up the strength to move out again. Maybe he was hoping Jonah would change his mind and marry him eventually, maybe it was a lack of other options, but he stayed. They made love. And then the lullaby tune played. And I thought: Oh no, not another unplanned pregnancy for a couple which is ready to break up!!!

This was the third in a row! I could not believe my ears, but the pregnancy scanner showed that Mitch was expecting twins! Sheesh, ACR, really! I did not even set a risky pregnancy chance, they did not even try for a baby. Maybe it is just that 1 or 3 percent basic chance. Which is really improbable. But not for my unhappy gay couples.

I really did not know what to do, so I left it at that for a few days.

When I came back, they were having breakfast, and Jonah told Mitch that he thought last night´s sex was gorgeous. Yeah.

And then Jonah realized that it was now or never. If he did not commit, Mitch would probably move out and raise the kids alone. And as a good knowledge sim, Jonah is curious about the experience of having kids. And he loves Mitch. He just has problems showing it.

And, tadaa, he proposed!

When I zoomed out, I found Luna standing in front of their house, giving me that look. I was creeped out a bit.

And noticed that she and Mitch share three bolts.

Luna obviously thinks that dark-haired gay men who got just knocked-up with twins are extremely sexy. (I have to write the other post yet to explain the strange coincidence.)

So sorry, Luna. I honestly love you, you are one of the prettiest women in town. But I have not found a decent mate for you yet. Please, stay away from these guys, they have their own issues to solve.

Stay tuned for another update which may come sooner than you think!

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