Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

Beggars can´t be choosers


Six Tops, six bottoms and six scarves for adult males - Couture for the apocalyptically inclined.

But of course also your slobs, grunge lovers or poor Sims will love to slouch in these shabby clothes.

Only after I finished everything I noticed that in combination with this shirt, the scarf will clip and have a hole in it, as seen on image 3. Great! Ignore it, or use it with another shirt. I am sorry!


Kayleigh/Under Your Skin for the pants (MESH_kayleigh_amb_skinnyjeans-sliponvans-010111 and MESH_kayleigh_amb_skinnyjeans-iodocs-110812), Mel/Rented Space ([Mesh]Mel_3t2_LukaszLayeredTee_AM) for the shirt, Aikea for the scarf (MESH_aikea_guinea-AM_Accessory_Scarf-101807).

Meshes are included, I hope that is ok.

I can´t run a compressorizer on my Mac, so these are uncompressed.

Thanks to all lovely CC providers and my models Frantisek, Lazlo and Pascal!

Oh, and yes, you might want to have a link to download these shabby treasures!


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