Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015

Anahata - AM separates for Everyday, PJ and Athletic

I had a blast making these and taking the screenshots :-)

I discovered Frezia´s cute AM PJs on MTS, and got inspired to make these 5 AM everyday bottoms. They are on a Maxis mesh, if you don´t have Sexyfeet installed, these show up with blockfeet.

The top is based on Javiera´s “Simplicity Rush”. I made 5 recolors in the same pattern as the bottoms, and another 5 recolors in gradients which fit the color scheme of the pants.

The lovely Terribleselfsims was so kind to convert these files so they are availabe in PJ and Athletic, also. Thank you so much, Terribleselfsims!

To access them, you need to buy them in Everyday. They will then show up in the respective categories when you use dressers or Pescado´s clothing tool, but not in Bodyshop or CAS.

Javiera for the mesh
Orion Nebula
Jane Thomas Soap Bubbles
Rick Stevens Art
Colleen Wilcox Art
Photoshop Pattern

Terribleselfsims for recategorizing the separates

Download Just Everyday - Alternate Download
Download enabled for Everyday, PJ and Athletic - Alternate Download

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