Freitag, 1. Januar 2016

Medieval clothes - Epic Nod Tye Dye Shirt and some Pants

Wishing everybody a wonderful and happy new year!
I love Garden of Shadows „Unfinished Business“ theme, and posted some mostly medieval clothes there.

A while ago, I watched the movie „Epic“ and fell in love with Nod´s tye dye shirt. Here is my recreation of it. It fits nicely in my medieval hood.

And I had some new pants lying around.

First some Pixie pants with sandals in three shades of green, and two suede leather pants in brown.

As usual, nothing is perfect, textures for the Open Boot pants are a tad bit blurry, but I think the clothes are decent enough to be shared.

I made the pants a while ago, so the filenames are a bit off, but it isn´t too difficult to delete them in bodyshop, they have proper descriptions.

Top has both fat and preg morph, and I think the pants, too. Meshes are all included. Uncompressed.

Nod Shirt: Amaryll´s MESH_Amaryllamtopsweater0611, I used a Misomoso recolor as a base.
Pixie Leggings: Julie J MESH-JulieJ-AlphaJeansSandals
Suede Pants: MESH_aikea_guinea-AM_Bottom_OpenBoots-072908 with Trapping´s fat and preg morph

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