Samstag, 3. November 2012

Herding cats

In German, we have the expression of taking care of a sack of fleas, best translation I could find was "herding cats". This is how I felt with the last wave of kids in university.

Elaine, Ziggy and Aeon had eventually left, but I was still taking care of about three or four households and got sooo tired of it. So in a desperate attempt to make the last semesters more fun, I expanded the Greek House and invited everybody in until I had all eight playables in there:

Loic Inward, Flux Hatter, Nikolai Ramirez, Arkadij and Flynn Gustavsson, Basic Grey, Reaumur Shadowbane and Loics sister Lilith. Poor Lilith, none of the boys had any interest in her, and she had to find somebody outside to finally lose her virginity.

The boys continued what they had started while living together in smaller groups: higgledy-piggledy, crisscrossing love-making. Everyone has at least one bolt with everybody else, some share two bolts, but no one has three bolts with another one, so it is hard to make a decision of who should be with whom. I stopped my micro-managing frenzy and just let them do what they wanted.

Loic with Arkadij:

... and with Reaumur

Nikolai with Flynn:

... and with Reaumur:

Well, you get the idea.

In a desperate attempt to get at least one couple together, I let Loic get engaged with Flux, because they really had a crush on each other.

Until Loic discovered his interest in Flynn.

There was a funny scene in the bathroom:

Flynn getting ready for a bath because he smelled, and Loic just stood there and watched.

In one moment, he was repelled by the stink:

Only to swoon in the next second.

Then he stood there for half an hour watching Flynn bathe.

As soon as Flynn got out of the tub, Loic started to congratulate him. And then congratulated him some more. And then, he congratulated him again.

This went on and on ... he just wouldn´t stop with his congratulation and swooning spree. And I thought: Sheesh, why don´t you two just find a nice cozy bed and get it over with? But both were so exhausted that I had to send them to bed separately. But they took the next opportunity to finally follow their longing.

I had a mod installed that shortened the semester time, which was a blessing, and after two or three days everyone except Lilith was done with college.

She is the last woman standing in the Greek House and waiting for the next incoming wave of new kids that have yet to grow up. One of the last shots of her makes me think though that the time in between will not be too boring:

My first female streaker. [Ryan, who had that job for quite a few college years, got married into my neighborhood (and guess what, he still runs around naked most of the time.)]

Here Reaumur gets harrassed by her and the cheerleader at the same time.

A few more shots of my favorite kiddos:

Arkadij Gustavsson, channeling Andy Warhol:

Loic´s face when someone appreciates him:

Nikolai and Flynn:

Reaumur, whose face I still get not right despite many attempts.

Arkadij and Nikolai

And one of my all time favorite shots of Flux:

When everone was done, I had them all in the bin and did not know what to do with them. Then I had the bright idea to throw them all into one large house. But more about that later!

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