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Gustavsson Legacy V - Generation 3

Finally time for another update on the Gustavssons!

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We left Anders and Basic after their marriage.

Stella, the family´s servo, was feeling kind of lonely, and another family needed a servo. I thought the two might make a nice couple, and lo and behold, they got along really well. Here we see Stella turning Fowler on :-)

Marja likes to hang out with the boys, even in the most inappropriate moments.

 Basic´s belly is starting to show ...

and a few days later he goes into labor in the middle of the crowd that likes to hang out on the Gustavsson estate. I have made it a rule that any unsuspecting passer-by gets greeted and invited into the house, which makes for some lively interactions.

And Aeryn gets born, the first baby (girl) of generation 3!

Basic annoys the heck out of me by constantly rolling wishes to flirt with Aeon Adams. They went to college together, and if I remember it correctly, Aeon attempted to kiss him once, which Basic refused.

Obviously, my memory doesn´t serve me right, it was the other way around. They did kiss while being together in the Greek House, but Basic, is it really necessary to continually roll that want after all those years? Aeon is married, you are married, but first thing in the morning after you get up, the wants panel looks like this:

I even checked the attraction scores via ACR, and Basic has higher scores with Anders, so, really, what is this all about? Stop bugging me with Aeon, this is not going to happen!

We have a saying in German, "Kleine Sünden bestraft der liebe Gott sofort", which roughly translates to "God punishes little sins immediately", and when I next went to the Gustavsson house and Basic got up, he looked like this:

Nice makeup, Basic. I then remembered he went to Cissy´s Beauty Palace, and one of the trainees there ruined his face.

It became quickly clear that raising a baby was not Basic´s favorite task.

Luckily for Aeryn, Stella and Marja were taking care of the baby a wee bit better, although below we see them playing the "pass around the stinky baby" game.

Aeryn grew up into a cute toddler, being a spitting image of Basic.

I had the silly idea to see how well everybody (a household of four grown-ups, a servo and a dog) would take care of the toddler. To cut a long story short, it was a complete failure (except for the dog). The above images were taken when Aeryn tried to get their parent´s attention for hours, but they were too busy telling dirty jokes or making love and paid absolutely no attention to their girl. I gave up that experiment quickly. I love my Sims too much :-)

Just when I thought things were starting to get a bit boring in the Gustavsson household, Anders and Basic telepathically picked up my thoughts, hopped into bed and *bingo*, I heard the lullaby again. They did not even try for baby or anything, it just happened. Oh well. I was curious who the lucky one was:

Hmm, is Anders trying to tell me something? Hanging over the toilet thinking of his husband and puking?

Here we see the proud soon-to-be-daddy singing a sea shanty to the devoted servo Stella.

Anders´ relationship with his father Ingolf is a little difficult. Every day, Ingolf takes a look at the portrait Anders painted of him and shakes his head in disapproval.

And everytime, Anders breaks out in tears.

This might be the reason Anders frantically paints in his rare free time.

Another interesting tidbit: Anders picked a career that is the exact opposite of Ingolf´s career - Ingolf was a Criminal Mastermind, and Anders is in the Law Enforcement career and quickly became Captain Hero.

A subconscious attempt to recompense the bad deeds his father did? A subtle (or maybe not so subtle) Oedipus complex thingie? "Hey Dad, see me in my shiny Captain Hero armor? I could kick your a** anytime!" And at the same time that breaking out in tears when Ingolf complains about his painting again. Complex, indeed.

It probably didn´t help the relationship either that Marja and Ingolf found the loveseat in the boy´s sleeping room irresistable and did not care a single bit that Anders and Basic were sleeping behind them. Have you no sense of decency, folks?

The bed seemed equally attractive.


Time flew by quickly, and Anders gave birth to Thor, who is another spitting image of Basic. Sheesh, where did the wonderful Gustavsson genes go?

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