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Academie L´ Amour Part 2

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Academie L´ Amour Part 1

In the first part, we left Aden Waters grazing his knee in front of the love of his life, Luc Cyrus, dreaming of a happy life together accumulating riches and decorating their future home with curtains, expensive stereos, paintings and hottubs.

Of course Luc accepted. They are a rather unspectacular couple now, they go to class, spend their semester money on adding more curtains etc. to the Greek House and generally just look good.

Aden "I am the center of the universe" Waters




The Sophomores

Aeryn Gustavsson

Ruben Waters

The next generation of kids entering Academie Le Tour (aka Academie L´ Amour) were Aeryn Gustavsson and Ruben Waters. 

Aeryn was the first child of three from Anders and Basic Gustavsson. You can read more about the Gustavsson Legacy here. She was basically raised by the dog, her smustling grandparents and the overworked servo Stella while her father Anders "Captain Hero" saved the world and his husband Basic became a famous rockstar.

Aeryn shared a similar fate like Zoe, running around with a locked want to get her first kiss for most of her first year and some of her second. Despite looking gorgeous, it was hard for Aeryn to find a decent partner to share that special moment with.

Her roommate is Ruben Waters, last child of April and Ryan Waters and younger brother of Aden "I am so hot I make the devil sweat" Waters.

Ruben has undergone several attempts to improve his appearance by spending large sums on plastic surgery. While God lavishly blessed his elder brothers with stunning looks, he was never content with his face.

Despite Aeryn and Ruben being a good match, they prefer to stay just friends and look for romance elsewhere. They share a little private house on campus, but have their friends come over often.

Ruben pre-surgery

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