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Gustavsson Legacy VI - Generation 3

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I had the foolish idea to give in to one of Basic´s many wishes like "buy a curtain" and "buy an expensive painting". I am not sure if he wished for a hottub or sauna, but I decided the house could use a spa.

It was an early Sunday morning, Basic gave Anders a massage, they relaxed in the sauna and the hottub, and well, one thing led to another, and I could not believe my ears when I heard that baby jingle again. Seriously, the autonomous "try for baby" was turned off, I don´t know how they managed that again.

It hit Basic again. Poor Basic, all he wanted to be was a Rockstar and earn tons of money.

Aeryn and Thor celebrated their birthdays:

And then Leif was born.

In the bathroom, of course. While Marja and Ingolf had one of their many Smustle Sessions.

"Umm, excuse me, I just gave birth to your third grandchild, could you at least pay a little attention?"

"Oh, sorry, Basic, we were just busy!"

Ingolf started to enjoy his role as a grandfather more and more, and it seemed that everybody, eventually, got the hang of how to take care of a baby.

Even Basic spent his day off going to the park ice-skating with his family.

The winter lasted really long, which gave them the opportunity to build snowmen and make ice-angels.

The family planned on buying a vacation home, but money was short, so everybody started painting like crazy.

Sadly, amidst this outburst of creativity Leif was a bit forgotten.

He proved to be quite resourceful, though, and practically grew up on dog food, with some occasional puking.

After two kids looking like Basic, I love that he has features from both parents.

Sadly everyone forgot his birthday, so he rather silently grew up to a kid in the middle of a family reunion.

 Ah, I just love my Gustavssons! To the right you see Aeryn, who is now in college.

 I think she looks totally adorable!

An unsuspecting passer-by who was invited was Tyr Gildenstern, now Landgraab, married to Sophie Landgraab, the adopted daughter of Malcolm Landgraab. It was not the first time I regretted having him married to Sophie so quickly (and probably not the last time, because he is adorable). He hung out in the hottub with Aeryn for hours and then decided to stay for the night, which was hilarious and has happened quite a few times since I installed the "Sleep on Community Lots Hack". For some reason, people I invited go to bed when they feel it is time to rest. 

When it was time for breakfast, he crawled out of bed again and blessed the family with his yummy sight.

And obviously it was the morning of lightly clad sexy men:

Nureon Darknight decided to take a jog past the Gustavsson estate and was kidnapped invited immediately. Flynn Gustavsson has not found a mate yet, and I was curious if the two would get along. But other than a little chatting nothing spectacular happened.

So, this was it for today!

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