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Academie L´ Amour

Cast of Characters

The Seniors

Zoe "The Nose" Trussard
Aden "I´m so hot" Waters
Luc Cyrus

The Sophomores

Aeryn Gustavsson
Ruben Waters

The Freshmen

Griffin Thompson
Frederick "The Slob" Powers

Mia "Clingy" Powers
Thor "I can´t stand anybody" Gustavsson
Xenos Adams

I had such a blast with my University kids, I would like to share some of the fun I had playing them!

The last batch of kids I threw just into one big household, which was kind of stressful. I was happy when everybody was finished with Uni eventually. Having the "Shorter Uni Hack" didn´t help much either, because they really had to sit down and write their papers, just going to class was not enough to pass.

This time, I was getting annoyed with all the kids in the households. I have kids in various stages in 16 households. What, you are still not a teenager? And off to another round. I was so happy when everybody finally grew up, I shipped them to the campus right after their respective birthdays at 6 p.m.

The Freshmen turned out to be quite unique and lovely in their own way. The group dynamics have really entertained me in the last few days.

The Seniors

Zoe "The Nose" Trussard
Aden "I´m so hot" Waters
Luc Cyrus

The torch holders in the Greek House, the Seniors, consist of Zoe "The Nose" Trussard, Aden "I´m so hot" Waters and Luc Cyrus.

Zoe is the daughter of Cissy and Count Maxim Trussard. Cissy runs two beauty parlors in town and puts a lot of emphasis on clothes and makeup. Count Maxim is a former Grand Vampire who once in while still likes to scare and "Bleh!" people. Both used to be Pleasure Sims until I nearly died from boredom of cycling through "jump on the sofa", "play guitar", "use the dance sphere", "make drinks" etc. etc.

Zoe is really sweet, but blessed with quite a nose. I think it adds to her personality, so I kept it. I don´t even know where it came from, her parents have just normal-sized olfactory organs. On a side-note, no one has brown hair in the family, either, but who needs genetics, anyway?

She has the misfortune to be a female Romance Sim in a mostly gay neighborhood, so the cute guys are always already taken.

She spent her Freshman year and quite a bit of her Sophomore year with a locked wish to have her "first kiss", and roamed the campus and attached downtown looking for Mr. Right. The only loveletter she has ever received was actually addressed to someone else, she just found it in the mailbox. :( Poor Zoe!!

Here she is sitting in my beloved overhauled "Café Romara", keeping an eye out for potential victims:

As you can see, her flirt attempts did not go too well ...

Things began to change when she met Whatshisnameagain. While it remained just a fling, Zoe gained new self-confidence - and finally her first kiss!

Shortly afterwards, she met townie student Philipp Fuller and experienced the pleasures of being a Romance Sim.

While Philipp was cute and all, Zoe has since concentrated on studying and eventually becoming Celebrity Chef. She enjoys cooking for the whole Greek House and the frequent crowds that visit it.

The next in the Senior trio is Aden Waters, middle son of three, his parents are April and Ryan. Ryan was a former streaker and still hates to put on clothes. His wife and kids have learned to live with it.

Ryan is a jack of all trades, after successfully publishing a tabloid newspaper he has recently risen to fame as a cult leader. The cult is all about - you guessed it - nudity. After raising three kids, April feels a little lonely in the huge house and is looking for a new pastime. She is happy her eldest son Amadeus moved in with his husband Neel and is expecting.

Last but not least we have Luc Cyrus, son of Lewis and Dorian Cyrus.

Lewis, a space pirate (here with his mother Alice McGee Riddell and Ingolf Gustavsson) enjoys pursuing new business opportunities in his free time, while his husband Dorian is the kind yet firm mayor of our little town.

While it took Zoe one and a half semester to find a decent playmate, Aden and Luc knew after one and a half minutes that they were simply meant for each other.

The first kiss was soon followed by some hot, steamy sex their engagement.

"Man, I can´t believe how hot I am."

"When you entered the dorm, everyone else looked pale in comparison. It was like the sun had suddenly risen. I remember so well the moment when you laughed at the first joke I made. And the recollection of our pillow fight is still so dear to my heart.

When we first kissed and little hearts started to appear around our boots, I knew we were meant to be together.

Before I met you, I was god´s gift to humanity. Now all I want to be is god´s gift to you. I am so hot, I can barely look at myself in the mirror.

I'm so hot I am the true source of global warming.

Oh sorry, where was I? Ah, yes.

We both love money, and dream of making more money, so together we can gather riches. Our sex is gorgeous, and I can´t get enough of you. And those are just a few of the reasons I'm hoping you'll spend the rest of your life with me.

Please, Luc, my fingers are frozen to the box and my knees hurt, will you marry me?"


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Stay tuned to find out what Luc answered! In our next issue:

Academie L´ Amour Part 2 


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