Samstag, 16. März 2013

My first clothing recolor

Great - starting with the Academie L´Amour and not updating it in ages - sorry. The Simmies just drove me nuts. I hope I will get my act together someday and finish what I started.

But, instead, you get my first clothing recolor!

Garden of Shadows monthy theme is Boys keep Swinging - love that old Bowie song. While surfing the universe a while ago, I discovered Dreamhuntress´ beautiful Sims site on DeviantArt.

She was so kind to allow me to recolor one of her cute outfits.

So, here is the result:

Some more picspam:

The local folklore dance group sure had a lot of fun on that Saturday afternoon :-)

From left to right: Curio Stockhausen (Faust´s husband), Jordan Shadowbane, Thor Gustavsson, Arkadij Gustavsson, Xenos Stardust, Aniel Cabron, Amadeus Waters.

Elena´s original pink outfit (third from left on Thor), Simchic´s mesh and my six recolors can be downloaded here:


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