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Academie L´ Amour Part 4

Academie L´ Amour Part 1    Academie L´ Amour Part 2    Academie L´ Amour Part 3

Well, I think I better change the title of this to Academie L´  Torture, because the kids were just driving me nuts. This is also the reason I stopped updating at all. Buuut, I will go back to my screencaptures folder and dig all the way through, to keep you updated now!


The kids were living in separate houses (see the earlier posts about it), and I played them in rotation and invited the other houses over.  I started with Aeryn and Ruben.

Ruben looked terribly baby-faced. I guess all the good looks went to his brothers Amadeus and Aden!

I fiddled and fiddled with his face and finally gave up. That template just wasn´t doing it for me, so he received a complete make-over and now has sexy elf ears! I will probably be surprised when his first kid will be born and will look nothing like him, but what the heck!

In the first few days, the kids just started getting to know each other.

Mia was the first to make a bold move and flirt with Xenos.

Everybody had a great time inside, chatting, eating, dancing ... except Thor.

Thor, if you want to find a mate, it probably is not such a great idea to sit outside on a bench when a party is going on inside!

"Hmm, do you think so? Just let me cut these bushes here quickly ..."

"And look, here, lots of leaves! Someone needs to rake them!"



Have you noticed Griffin has been following you through the garden for the last hour and is trying to talk to you?

"Oh? Oh, hi, Griffin!"

Sheesh. Really. He is an adorable sweetheart, but so incredibly shy ... and a neat freak, obviously. While everybody else is inside, he is all by himself outside, too shy to get in contact with somebody. It is heart-wretching.

Thankfully, there are Sims more outgoing than him. Griffin lures him inside and starts flirting.

They even kiss (first kiss for Thor!), and this is the face he makes after that:

Well, what can I say ...

The only time he really lights up is when he is dancing:

When I look at him, I see a cute little wolf pup, "Wölfchen" in German.

Interesting enough, Xenos also liked to flirt with Thor (which led to great drama later).

Ruben was attracted to Mia, too, but she downright refused flirt attempts from him, even though their relationship was at 100/100.

Not one to give up easily, Ruben continued flirting.


Which resulted in the first rejected first kiss I ever had in my game.

Poor Ruben! He broke down completely and cried for hours :(

Meanwhile, Aeryn developed a crush on Xenos, too.


And thus, the battle for Xenos began. The next time Mia and Xenos met, they hugged:

But Aeryn wasn´t shy either, grabbed Xenos arm and kissed him frantically.

The next round went to Mia, though:

Aeryn´s face is absolutely priceless. "If looks could kill ..."

All Gustavssons HATE public kissing and flirting. Come to think of it, they even hate it in the privacy of their houses.

The next time I played Aeryn´s and Ruben´s house, Aeryn asked Xenos on a date.

They went out for dinner, and guess who showed up uninvited? Yep, Mia.

"Oh, hi, what a coincidence, you two are here, also! Let´s have some nice dinner together, shall we?"

Aeryn was not delighted, but managed to fake a smile. Her eyes betrayed her, though, and for a split second she looked like a demon on a killing spree. Xenos didn´t mind all the attention, he has two bolts with nearly everybody, flirts here and there and hasn´t made up his mind yet, although he slightly favors Aeryn.

Later, the whole crowd gathered at the Greek House. The Powers twins Mia and Frederick are really kind of bold, Frederick started flirting with Luc (who is engaged to Aden) right away. Luc was amused, he and Aden are in their last year, and he thought it was kind of cute how the Freshman approached him.


Aden made it clear though to whom Luc belongs.

Meanwhile Griffin was trying to get Thor´s attention again. When there are no bushes to cut and leaves to rake, there surely is something else on which "das Wölfchen" Thor can focus on.

Mia is planning her next step.

"You bet."

Then, she confuses me by heart-farting over Ruben. Umm, girl, didn´t you just totally reject him?

In all this budding ACR mess, there is one couple who really sticks together, and I can´t wait to get them out of college, because these Freshmen sure know how to wreak havoc, and I really, really want these two to stay together.

I thought I would get extremely bored playing them once they lived together in a house on their own, but they are still adorable. Sleep well, Luc and Aden!


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