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Academie L´ Amour Part 6

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The confusion continues ...

Xenos wants to be engaged to Mia ... and Aeryn.

"Sorry, Xenos, you can only marry one girl."

"Wait, what do you mean? I want them both!"

"You can´t."

"On the planet where I come from ..."

"You were born on Earth! You are only a quarter alien! Stop being so pretentious."

Xenos walks off into a corner and sulks.

For some reason, Mia shares the delusion about engagement/marriage. Although she got engaged to Ruben in the last episode, she wants to be engaged to Xenos, too.

I highly doubt anything good will come from this ... (insert dark, foreboding music here).

After Xenos was done sulking, I sent him off to propose to Aeryn. 

Aeryn, I know you are a little rough around the edges, but honestly, making such a face when your sweetheart proposes to you is a little inappropriate. (I seriously thought she would reject him, but her face was just stuck from disapproving all the kissing and cuddling that was going on around her.)

"What, only 2 karat? Where did you get that ring from, a cracker box?"

Meanwhile, Zoe decided she definitely didn´t have enough screen time and captured Griffin.

Frederick: "This is not really happening. If I stare blankly into space, it will all go away by itself."

"See? It is all gone."


Thor was getting really frustrated and wanted to go Downtown, so I sent him on a date with Nero Delacroix, Sin City´s greatest man-izer. I don´t remember where they met, but they got along really well.

Until I suggested Thor should hug Nero.

"Hugging? You mean physical contact? Ewwww ...."

"You can do it, Thor. It is not really difficult. Just stretch your arms out and get real close. Yes, like this!"

Oh my, that kid melts my heart with his shyness ...

He somehow managed to overcome his fear of physical contact, but I thought I leave it at that. Nero has broken quite a few hearts in town, and I was not sure if I wanted to add Thor´s to the list.


Over at the Greek House, the ACR-induced flirting and kissing is kicking up a notch.

Frederick: "Any idea where Griffin is?"

Thor: (Thinks long and hard) "Nope, no idea where he is."

Well, I guess Griffin is rather busy at the moment.

To be honest, Griffin is not my cup of tea. He is a bit too smooth, too cool for my taste. Zoe gets excused, she is a Romance Sim, and one of the few girls in the neighborhood, and girls have a hard time in my game anyway. But Griffin just disqualified himself completely. He just can´t make up his mind. 

Later, I catch these two looking so utterly cute together that I wonder if they could be teamed up, seeing that Griffin has no desire to get either engaged to Thor or Frederick, like they want to.


The other love triangle, or rather quadrangle since Aeryn´s unexpected flirt with Ruben, continues.
Now Aeryn also harbors secret wishes to give Ruben backrubs - a highly dangerous social interaction.

Xenos and Mia aren´t particularly shy about their affection for each other, either.

Xenos feels rather torn between all this seductive black lace.

"Sorry to interrupt you two, but my bear has something really important to say to you!"

But besides that, things go rather smoothly ... for a while.

Thor and Frederick have started dating ...

... which doesn´t prevent Thor though from becoming a victim to the Unsavory Charlatan. Noooo, my poor baby!!!

Sheesh, could you stop fooling around in the background, Frederick, Xenos and Jordan, to help your poor silly trustful sorority brother? (Jordan is a new student and will get a proper introduction later.)

An unrelated shot of Frederick taking a shower. I love shower shots :-)

It is time for Zoe to graduate, and frankly, I am relieved, because this is one less person to worry about in this growing relationship mess.

Frederick and Thor are having a good time ...

As do Aeryn and Xenos ...

and Mia and Ruben. 

Enjoy the peace while it lasts! A new bunch of students will arrive soon, and more students equals more chaos.

Head over to Academie L´ Amour Part 7, now with 100 % more drama!

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