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Lilly and Tim Robertson

Lilly Cuthbert-Robertson

Lilly was born into the rich Cuthbert household. Her mother Elizabeth had lost her husband early in a balloon accident in the Himalaya, so Lilly just grew up with her grandmother Catherine, her mother and the devoted servo James.

Cuthbert Estate Dining Room

Cuthbert Estate Dining Room
Catherine married a University professor without realizing he was the town´s Don Juan. Elizabeth didn´t have much luck with men, either.

Somewhat scarred by the early loss of her father and the bad role-models of her mother and grandmother, Lilly made the decision to have as much fun as possible when she joined Academie La Tour as the second student from Sin City ever.

She successfully seduced a bunch of fellow students and her professor, until she realized that one of her playmates, Georg, had really captured her heart. The two married and moved in together.

Life was rough in the beginning, Georg couldn´t find a job for a very long time, so the young couple had to live on Lilly´s income as a medium in the paranormal career. Despite their financial shorcomings, they were very happy.

When Georg finally found a job as a school teacher, Lilly started dreaming of a baby, but it took them several years until Lilly finally became pregnant with Harper.

After Harper´s birth, things started to fall apart slowly, though. Georg had trouble relating to his son and preferred to keep himself busy with looking at the stars and playing chess with his buddy Jeremiah.

Lilly tried desperately to hold on to the marriage, despite the fact she had met Tim at her new job as a police psychic and got along well with him. He was the one who listened to all her tales of woe and offered her comfort, even though he just had recently lost his wife. The two became really close to each other, but Lilly still refused to give up her long marriage.

In his free time, Tim works as a stand-in for "Pirates of the Caribbean"
Tim Robertson grew up  in the Sin City "Very Late Sisters of Jesus Grandmothers Orphan House". He doesn´t remember anything about his parents, but due to his early interest in swearing, swordfighting and heavy drinking, secretly believes to this day he is an illegitimate child of Long John Silver.

Coincidentally, he was the very first student of the Academie La Tour and is still a honorable member of the Board Committee there.

On his graduation day, he fell in love with his professor Sissy ...

... and she eventually moved in with him.

He worked very hard on building "Robertson´s Robot Manufacture", and finally succeeded. Up to this day, his servo factory is the only one in town and is selling the finest handcrafted servos even as far away as the Twikkii Islands.

X-Ray (in the middle) and Mathilda were the very first servos created ever.

Tim and Professor Sissy had a long and happy life together, but even the frequent use of the Elixir of Life did not prevent Sissy from meeting her final fate (and I hate to admit it, at one point I used the SimBlender to speed up the process a bit. No wonder she is a really grumpy ghost).

It conveniently tied in though with Georg, Lilly´s husband, who jumped into the photo-booth with a very pregnant Cissy, which was the straw that finally broke the camel´s back.

Lilly was really, really fed up at this point, and she threw Georg out.

Tim stepped up immediately and offered his support (not completely unselfish, though. He had really fallen hard for beautiful Lilly). He asked her if she and her young son Harper wanted to move in with him. Lilly gladly accepted, and they married in a quiet ceremony.

Harper loved the old house, it was full of pets, continually kissing servos and angry ghosts.




He got along really well with his new stepfather Tim. He left for college when Lucien, Lilly´s and Tim´s new baby, became a child.


Lilly and Tim became leaders of the "Cult of the Incredible Hula", but have retired now.

Harper returned home and started a career as a football star. He is not planning to marry.

His mother is slightly annoyed to find his frequently changing love flings sitting at the breakfast table, or listen to conversations like the following:

Lucien: Did you have sex last night?

Harper: Ummm ....

Lucien: I read every book I could find about it! But I would like to listen to a first-hand experience.

Harper: Ummm ...

Lilly: Can we please change the subject, I don´t think this is appropriate, Lucien.

But other than that, she loves a good party and enjoys having young people around.

She never regretted leaving Georg, who up to this day steals their newspaper, started an affair with her mother Elizabeth and generally behaves like a psycho.

(For betraying his wife, Georg received the most severe punishment  I have at my disposal: Becoming a townie. From the masses of nameless, wandering townies you rose to fame, but you blew your chance, Georg, by having only three active points, being sluggish, always eating too much and eventually becoming fat.

Then you had the impudence to succumb to the ways of the Evil Autonomous Casual Romance Adjuster, dragging a hormone-ridden, very pregnant former Romance Sim into the photo-booth. Off with your head! Back into the townie gutter where you came from, vermin!)

(In all fairness, Harper tries to stay in touch with his dad and invites him over for family meetings, but Georg has a tendency to ruin parties by not only flirting with his mother-in-law, but also with his grandmother-in-law. So, he does not get invited very often.)

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