Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013

Strangetown Randomness

While playing the The Gaitano ISBI challenge, I of course came in contact with the other citizens of Strangetown. Vidcund was part of the welcome wagon, Pascal waddled around on the community lots, so I finally went to the households, to give the poor Simmies there a makeover. After a while, I thought Pascal should at least have his baby.

The first household were the Curiouses, since they had developed some friendships with the Gaitanos.

Vidcund and Pascal Curious

Pascal Curious and Baby Phobos

Vidcund Curious

Lazlo Curious

The only one who stayed in his profession was Vidcund. Pascal wants to be a celebrity chef, but could not find a job for ages, so he is still working as a scientist. Lazlo became an adventurer.

I eventually became more interested in this family and the others; some very entertaining developments ensued, which I will hopefully put up in the future.

Next were the Grunts, I had already shipped Tank and Ripp off to college months ago.

I was touched by General Buzz Grunt´s wish to find a friend when I started the household.

I went for a rather bold makeover:

General Buzz had a nervous breakdown (probably a delayed reaction from Lyla leaving/learning of her death, probably burn-out or mid-life crisis, or all of the above), had to be hospitalized for several months, received intense medical and psychotherapeutic care and is slowly recovering. He realized he has been in the closet his whole life, and is slowly coming out of it.

He is working hard on establishing a good relationship with Buck, but progress is only made very very slowly.

Attempts to speak with Ripp on the phone are a complete failure. They just don´t seem to find any kind of topic they could speak about.

When I sent Buzz out for the first time to make new friends, this Sim came along. I thought: What the heck??, then realized it was Ripp. I had deleted some custom content, and this was the hilarious result.

Of course, his father was upset.

Buzz: "Ripp??"

Ripp: "Oh, hi Dad."

Buzz: "Ripp?? What the hell ..."

Ripp: "..."

Buzz: "I can´t believe you are running around in public, looking like this!"

Ripp: "You are the right person to tell me this, yes?"

Buzz: "How dare you ... !"

Ripp: "Just leave me alone." (Walks away.)

The Unsavory Charlatan aka The Great Zampano made a cameo appearance, too. He is Tadzio Gaitano´s secret admirer.

 Poor Buzz. Seeing Ripp like this nearly caused a relapse.

Buzz on one of his better days:

Both are trying very hard to make the relationship work, but the house and the whole atmosphere is very depressing. Before his breakdown, Buzz devoted more and more time to secure the house and turn it into some kind of bunker, most likely out of fear of an alien invasion.


At least Buzz can tolerate now that Buck wants to grow his hair.

The Bunker - Dining

The Bunker - Living

During the renovation, I ran out of money, which probably is a good thing, because the place is really depressing.

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