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The Gaitanos: Life in a Puddle - An ISBI-Challenge in Strangetown PART 4

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The next day, we were invited to a birthday party at the Grunt house, Buck was celebrating. Tank brought a friend from college, his new "housemate", but if you ask me, there was more to it than just friendship.

His "friend" Frances seems interested in not only Tank, but also Tank´s brother Buck. I am not sure what to think of it, but well, it is none of my business, anyway.

It was a nice break of routine. "The General", as he likes to call himself, was in good spirits, and I am glad to see he is slowly recovering from his mental breakdown.

There was a minor incident though as the party progressed. I was just admiring the moon when Buzz suddenly approached me rather flirtatiously.


I was quite upset and told him in no uncertain terms that I am a married man and not up to any kind of romantic interaction with anybody else than Gabriel, who sadly could not make it to the party.

He wandered off. Later, I found him chatting with this Frances guy. If you ask me, "the General" seems really desperate to find somebody, but I am not sure if he is aware Frances is interested in his sons, too.


Speaking of Gabriel, we are still getting along well.

As do the kids.

And then my special day came. The syndicate had sent me this "costume". Don´t even ask. They demanded that I should put it on and meet them at the headquarter. Really, I am getting too old for this kind of sillyness, but what could I do?

Finally, finally I received the promotion to become head of Strangetown´s notorious underworld. Now I am the villain of villains, the trickster of tricksters, the ... ah, I am too old for that, too. I guess I will just retire soon.


I was pleasantly surprised to see that Deirdre seems to get along well with Vidcund.

They share a love for chess.

"Gabriel, is there anything in particular you want?"
 "No, I just love to stand here for hours and look at you." He is just so sweet.
  When I got up the next morning, Vidcund and Deirdre were still deeply involved in their game.

Amadeo is more of a playful guy.


Author´s notes

Again, things were running smoothly, maybe except poor Buzz Grunt hitting on Tadzio. I was curious how Tadzio as a Romance sim would react, and was proud to see he refused the approach (glad I finally fiddled enough with ACR´s settings to make it work, although some Sims just fight it with tooth and nail. I was happy Tadzio was not among them.)

Frances is giving me a headache with his affection for the whole Grunt family. Tank moved in with him and developed an instant crush, but so far nothing has happened besides a first kiss and flirting when they are somewhere else. 

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