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Castaway Clothing and an AF Top

I never uploaded these to this blog, because I am mostly active on my Tumblr.

Like Ice in the Sunshine - AF Tops

I found that wonderful tutorial by SpaceDoll on GOS called “March Tutorial Challenge: Bodyshop”, this is really “Recoloring for Dummies” and thus just great for a beginner like me. Unfortunately, it seems the tutorial has disappeared during the crash, so I can´t link to it.

The mesh is “MESH_SpaceDoll_HMNantesTop” and is included in the download.

It looks a little weird in Bodyshop but fine in the game. It is a top only and can be combined with other bottoms you have. Also makes a great maternity wear.

Uncompressed, I think it has a preg morph, fat morph is wonky.


Towels for AM and TF

I made a bunch of recolors for loincloths and towels for the well-dressed native and stranded.
My labeling in Bodyshop and the files itself is not very consistent and clear in every upload, sorry for this, I try to get more organized. Previews are included in every download.

Important: I am playing a themed Castaway hood. Since the sun always shines in Alyki, except when I do photoshoots on community lots, I enabled these clothes for all categories.

All required meshes are included in the download.

It always rains - 7 AM BV Towel recolors - Bon Voyage needed

Gone Fishin - 6 TF BV Towel recolors - Bon Voyage needed

Thanks to Fanseelamb at MTS for the Fluffy Towel! Unlocked! Mesh

The file “fanseelamb_unlocked-bon-voyage-towels.package” unlocks four Bon Voyage towels in the underwear category for teens,YA/adults and elders and it needs Bon Voyage.

Please don´t delete any of these four BV towels from Bodyshop. They come with a Bon Voyage icon, mine have the custom content icon and can be deleted without problems.

Download It always rains AM BV Towel - needs Bon Voyage

Download Gone Fishin TF BV Towel - needs Bon Voyage

Loincloths for AM and EM

Cult Meeting - 5 Tiggerpum Loincloths with Sexy Feet for AM and EM

I forgot to show the fifth loincloth, it is a grungy linen recolor.

Mesh by Tiggerpum is included, although I don´t remember who did the sexy feet edit.

Again enabled for all categories.



Voodoo Child - 4 CF Castaway Towels with Sexy Feet

The sexy feet mesh edit for the towels is from Silvainshadows and included. Enabled for all categories.



I never can say goodbye - 4 AM Kilts as Bottoms with Sexy Feet

JulieJ´s edit of Aikea´s kilt mesh is included.



The lion sleeps tonight - Rebellina TM Castaway Towel recolor

The mesh is included in the download. Enabled for all categories.


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