Samstag, 25. Oktober 2014

One more addition to the Castaway clothing set

These are two fullbody recolors for AM. All meshes are included.

The native hunter outfit from the Castaway Stories with JulieJ´s Sexy Feet (on the left).

When I recolored it, I was slightly underwhelmed by the texture stretching on the Maxis mesh, it looks ok though if you don´t zoom in too close. I removed the tattoos, also.

On the right is a recolor of the BV towel which was unlocked by Fanseelamb.

The file "fanseelamb_unlocked-bon-voyage-towels.package" unlocks four Bon Voyage towels in the underwear category for teens,YA/adults and elders and it needs Bon Voyage.

Please don´t delete any of these four BV towels from Bodyshop. They come with a Bon Voyage icon, mine have the custom content icon and can be deleted without problems.

Attention: The outfits, like all my Castaway clothes, are enabled for all categories!

Towel outfit needs Bon Voyage


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