Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Tea in Narnia - Mr. Tumnus Sim

Please meet Mr. Tumnus, faun of the Veronaville Forest.

All meshes are included, the Satyr meshes, horns, scarf and cloak are in a separate folder because they would not pack with the sim. Just drop them in your download folder when you install Mr. Tumnus.


Satyr mesh, skin and clothing by Marvine and ju-beos/Beosboxboy

Horns by lhawk07 at MTS

Scarf is a mesh by Rose, fixed by Gknee and recolored by Wawa, I did a red recolor.

Cloak by General Zoi (not shown), fixed by Gknee, I made a red recolor to go with the scarf.

If your game settings are set to low, he will lose his beautiful ears and face! I spent weeks figuring out what was wrong with this guy, until I stumbled across the game setting thing by accident. At least in my Bodyshop he looks rather bland when I put him in first, do not worry, he will look fine in game.

Additional credits in the zip.


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