Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

More Unfinished Business - Rebellina´s Mad Scientist

I have another one for the Unfinished Business over at GOS!

A while ago I stumbled upon this beautiful default replacement of the male Mad Scientist career outfit by Mortire, originally made by Coldfire.

Only the mechanical hand bothered me, until I found a mesh replacement from Qahne which uses gloves for both hands.

I used Coldfires recolors (black and Steampunk brown, included) and made three additional ones, in green, blue and red. With my limited knowledge of recoloring, I could not get rid of the shine on the shoes and gloves, so I left it as it was.

I made three versions for the different clothing categories in game:

Everyday only
Outerwear only
Everyday and Outerwear

Pick one of the versions that suits you the most.

If you put Qahnes mesh into your download folder, it replaces the Mad Scientist Career Outfit MESH for males and females, so you get two gloves instead of one glove and a mechanical hand. The textures will be the original game textures.

If you want Mortires default version, you need their recolor (pick only one).

You can have both Mortires default and my recolors in your game at the same time, and also use no default at all, then my recolors will appear with a glove and a mechanical hand.

I hope all this is not too confusing, if it is, please let me know.

Please get Qahnes mesh at the above link.


Download Everyday only SFS - Download Everyday only Mediafire

Download Outerwear only SFS - Download Outerwear only Mediafire

Download Everyday and Outerwear SFS - Download Everyday and Outerwear Mediafire

And now I feel like a Mad Scientist myself, fiddling with all the links and downloads ... Have another fun image of Loki Beaker, which was meant to be the preview, but didn´t make it :-)

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