Samstag, 7. Januar 2017

Pugsley Addams CM Separates

Just posted my Unfinished Business from last year to Garden of Shadows!


I recently watched the Addams Family movie, and totally fell in love with it (the second one was terrible, btw). And remembered I used to watch the original series once in a while when I was little.

I was inspired by this cute outfit by Eltanin, but preferred different colors and separates for Pugsleys outfit.

So have a teeny tiny upload, with one recolor of a Fakepeeps Bottom (MESH_fp7_cfbottomshortsboots_113008) from her very cute Gelato collection for girls and four recolors of a Maxis shirt, which needs no mesh. The bottom is unisex. As per Fakepeeps policy, I did not include the mesh, so get it from the above link.


Download SFS

Download Mediafire

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