Mittwoch, 20. Mai 2015

Elven Coat for Adult Males

Puck, Laethleril and Thranduil are happy to present you the newest trends in High Elves Fashion!

A comfortable frock, made of the finest materials, based on a template by Yuxi, is the dernier cri in Veronaville this autumn.

It comes in three subtle colors and can be worn casually, as well as on formal occasions. If the weather conditions are not too harsh in our lovely city, it also serves as an overcoat that can be worn outside.

- Adults only
- Casual, Formal, Outerwear
- Files are uncompressed
- Preg- and fatmorphs
- Mesh included —Attention:

From Yuxi:

„All outfits include an extra mesh labelled 'smoothhands': This mesh uses Tenshii~Akari's smooth hands, which makes the hands appear well, smoother, as visible in the previews. The regular mesh uses the regular Maxis hands. Delete the mesh you don't want - you can't use both at the same time. „

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