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Jonah Powers III

So, a few hours later, well rested, I want to continue my little Sims story with hero Jonah Powers living in his Haunted House.

We left him off after a night out in Downtown. Since I use the Autonomous Casual Romance Mod, my Sims flirt autonomously, which adds more fun and variation to the game. Sometimes, my Sims surprise and amuse me with their choices! Delilah and Mitch Inide/Michi Trend in German, had already shared some fun in the pool, and back at Jonah´s house the flirting continued. Ignore the trash can in the background.

I love to do impromptu/ingame shots, but since I still play the game the room sometimes is cramped or cluttered.

Jonah has a persistant wish to Slow Dance, and so I decide to let him be a spoil sport and dance with Michi. Delilah is clearly not amused.

Oh well. After the slow dance, Jonah rolls the wish to kiss, then make-out, then ... well, you know the drill :-)

Although Michi even speaks of his infatuation with Delilah, Jonah couldn´t care less. I really laughed when that speech bubble and all the hearts showed up :-)

Day 2

Well, as the title says, day 2 and no job in the Knowledge careers available. Jonah is down to 64 Simoleons and rolls wishes to "talk somebody into cleaning" and "talk somebody into preparing a meal". Jonah, you are no longer in the Greek House!

And the house looks even worse in daylight. I decide to let him do some painting and hopefully sell the result for some more money. A silly tiny dog walks by - but I prefer larger dogs.

Jonah, I am sure you can do better than that! But he is able to sell it for 62 simoleans, which is not bad.

The game obviously heard my wish and sends another stray dog along, this time a bigger one. He is really cute, and Jonah decides to befriend him instead of scolding him for digging holes in his front yard. 

Jacky trods off after a while, and Jonah starts digging for treasure, in a desperate attempt to improve his financial situation. Cissy passes by, another playable and much beloved character of mine.

Well, that did not go too well :-) Instead of finding treasure, Jonah hits the water supply and gets a free shower.

After cleaning up the mess, Cissy gets invited for lunch. I love the goofy faces the Sims make when eating :-)

Jonah decides he can use another friend, and starts the friend-making routine with a joke (for which I get an upset look by him, he is really not into this silly kind of pastime!)

On MATY, MoreAwesomeThanYou, I found a mod where you can makro these befriending interactions, which is really helpful, because it gets so tedious after a while. I was a little hesitant at first to add all these mods and hacks into my game, but they really work fine and reduce some of the in-built stupidity the game offers.

It takes not time, and Jonah and Cissy are friends. She gets a decent hug when he says Goodbye.

Ah, pictures like this make my heart melt. He is such an adorable guy :-)

Then it is bill paying time - oh oh. I have no idea how much the costs are. He is still at 123 simoleans, but luckily, the bill is only 52 or so.

But not enough to sustain him for another day, so he gets sent to the Deepest Purple Night Club. It is a simple but nice club with an attached restaurant. The black wallpaper always helps with nice screenshots. And they have a dance sphere! Another want fulfilled, and another step closer to maxing all seven skills (I have skilling on community lots enabled, so I have a reason to visit those lots at all).

The pay for working as a DJ is also higher compared to the Maxis lots, so he can sleep soundly this night. I also remember the value of the rewards, and he gets a money tree and a thinking cap.

Day 3

Yeah, job-searching time again. And AGAIN no job in the Knowledge careers, how very frustrating!! Jonah gets a bit depressed, and I decide to give him a job anyway, the first that will show up in the paper, which is - SHOWBUSINESS. Haha, serves him right to wear that silly costume :-) He hasn´t rolled a single want to even phone Eldred, his fiancé. Poor Eldred. He is still in the Greek House, missing the love of his life and eating a lonely Hamburger.

Jonah needs another body skill point, so it is off to the Deepest Purple again to meet his friend, the Dance Sphere. Or is it foe?

That arm looks seriously broken to me. The shoulder is also missing a piece. But, sorry, Jonah, no sympathy from me here!

And one more ... I tortured Jonah until he got that badly needed skill point for the next level career level.

Once he has got the point, the wants reroll to ... "speak to Michi". How disappointing! I am starting to think that maybe the ingame mechanics prefer the first love over later ones. Anyway, as soon as he is home he is allowed to invite Michi, who brings Malcolm (in the German game: Stefan) Landgraab along. He is one of the very few Maxis/EA Sims whose look I liked and kept. He just looks like your ordinary next door guy, nothing fancy here :-)

He is still upset about the burglary that happened a few nights ago.

Meanwhile, after the wish to talk to Michi, he wants to kiss Michi, then make out with Michi ... well, you know the drill :-)

I am starting to think that maybe they should finally be together, even if they don´t share three bolts, but just two.

After a wolfed-down dinner, Stefan/Malcolm gets waved goodbye, and the two do what they usually do.

Yes, Jonah, we could have guessed by now what you have in mind!

Michi is so considerate not to mention Delilah again, congratulations on that clever move, but I am not sure if open safes are an appropriate topic to win back Jonah´s heart.

Well, Jonah doesn´t care either way if the subject is Delilah or safes, he is just happy to be with Michi. *sigh*

Please ignore the blood-soaked bandage :-) I have this outfit in various stages of progression (aka injury), and obviously picked the bloody one by mistake when outfitting Jonah after graduation. Being tight on money, poor Jonah has to run around in this silly result of a blood bath.

Day 4

Finally, a job! Jonah is happy to go to work and gets promoted when he returns home, with a hefty bonus for the promotion.

Love that shower shot:

When Jonah moved in, he and Wynona did some flirting, but since he is not really into women, I left it at that infatuation stage. Nevertheless, the game thinks after throwing Michi at him, Wynona would be the next, and rolls a want to speak with Wynona. Umm, game, do you realize Jonah is engaged to Eldred? That they share three bolts with each other and could happily live ever after? No, game, you don´t, and torture me in my silly desire for happy endings!!

Since money isn´t an issue at the moment, Jonah becomes the big spender for the night and invites Wynona out for dinner, but not before buying an old gramophone, a hat stand for the Thinking Cap, a dishwasher and trash compactor. It looks nearly comfy, but only nearly :-)

Cutie Wynona. She is part of an ethnic group in my Sin SimCity that uses a Lycan skin, and even though my personal standards for using Custom Content have since risen, I can not change the skin due to the unability to use SimPE and still kind of like it, even if it has some flaws.

Day 5

Oh yes, the day has finally come where Jonah has to put on that totally ridiculous costume. Poor Jonah, but again no sympathy from me, you unfaithful SoB!

Another promotion, the terrible sofa gets replaced.

And then my romantic side gets the better of me, and I give in and make Jonah call Eldred. And as the saying goes, distance makes the heart grow fonder, and Jonah kind of starts missing Eldred. Really! ;-)

Entry Eldred

Aaah, I love that guy to death :-) And if it appears that I just put this all up to make a pic spam of Eldred, well, that is right :-)

Eldred gets the well-deserved hug and kiss.

In preparation for a romantic candle-light dinner, Jonah bought a table, two chairs, and well, a candle :-) But I think he still needs to work on his choice of appropriate subjects. Rats, Jonah? I have to admit though the house looks like it is infested with rats.

Eldred is not impressed. Talk about an expressionless expression :-)

Instead, he practices making the plate hover a few inches above his hands, and succeeds just marvelously.

When he changes the subject, Jonah gets upset. To me, it looks like the crystal ball, maybe from the matchmaker? Was he saying something like: "Since you did not care to call me, I was thinking of contacting the matchmaker, to find me a more appropriate mate?"

"No, I do not want to hear any of this nonsense!"

A little melancholic.

I can´t remember if Jonah even rolled the want to cuddle, I was too absorbed worshipping Eldred :-) Nevertheless, I think they make an adorable couple.

The next morning, Jonah has some more work-out to do, and Eldred leaves.

*deep sigh* Well, and this is the end so far! Since I get bored rather easily, I tend to switch playing families a lot, so it might take some time until I visit these two again. Stay tuned to find out whether Jonah finally makes up his mind to propose to Eldred, or if he decides that his first love Michi is the one he wants. Or will Eldred give in to Luna´s persistant flirting?

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