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Shadowbane Clan

Now to one of my most favorite characters, Rae Shadowbane. As mentioned earlier in the post about Nero and Adrian Delacroix, while searching for new bodyshapes and skins, I discovered this cute furry Lycan/Werewolf skin by SynapticSim. Rae was the first Sim created with that skin.

Rae moved into this old castle which was quite depressing in the beginning.

Rae is a knowledge Sim in the medical career. He was studying very hard and spent most of his evenings quite lonely. He eventually made friends with Adrian, who had been part of the welcome party.

They got along really well, became engaged and were ready to marry when Rae all of a sudden decided he wanted to procreate. Adrian was already used to a lot by being with Nero, and he agreed.

Swiftly a female Lycan/werewolf lady got created, sweet Sheena, a Party aspiration Sim:

Sassy and fresh, isn´t she?? :-) She had a few dates, then one day Raeburn passed by her house, and it did not take these two long to get along well with each other.

She enjoyed the luxurious and spacious house, and she willingly agreed to be the mother of Raeburn´s children.


She had met Edward earlier while still living alone, and the closer the end of her first pregnancy came, the more she longed for Edward, so Rae and Adrian agreed to let Edward move in with them.

It was quite a wild househould by that time :-)

I had never played a household that large before, and things did not improve when the first baby Akira was born.

 Akira grew up to a cute little girl, with a Lycan skin, too.

The two couples Rae/Adrian and Sheena/Edward got along well with each other, and there was always somebody there to take care of the kid´s needs. According to Adrian, all could have been well until Rae and Sheena decided to have another baby. This was somehow the straw that broke the camel´s back, and as soon as Antonius was born, Adrian moved out and back in with his former love Nero. Edward wasn´t too crazed about it, either.


Oh, these ugly children :( I hardly have any toddler pictures of my kids, because they are so terribly ugly. Glad they grow out of it eventually :-)

Akira, their first child, grew into a teenager and had her first love with Nureon. I noticed the absolute lack ingame of appropriate teenage boys who would qualify for a first kiss, so I created Nureon and his father Oreeon Darknight to remedy that. Wouldn´t it be nice if you could create your dream mate like this? :-) It is the same Nureon who later fell in love with Adrian (see this post).

They looked like the perfect couple, but sometimes your Sims have a mind of their own. At least mine have :-) Akira had recently grown up into an adult and her parents threw a birthday party for her brother Antonius. Akira spotted Tony, and this was the end of her relationship with Nureon. Poor Nureon!! But he was still a teenager at that time, and there was nothing from stopping Akira getting what she wanted, and this was just TONY! She did not care that he was already in a long-term relationship with Richard. She hung on the phone for hours, trying to build up a relationship with him.

Here you see Akira, hidden behind the flash of Antonius growing up, with a love bubble about red-haired Tony over her head, who just speaks with Nureon. This was also the party where Nureon met Adrian (the guy in grey on the left) and began to notice Antonius.

See the determined look on her face? :-)

How it did continue with those two? Continue reading here.

Antonius had grown up into a cute teenager, and instead of looking for a nice girl to fall in love with, he fell in love with Nureon. I do not know why 2/3 of my neighborhood is gay or at least bi, but hey, that is the way it is :-)

Here they are on their first date in the Deepest Purple.

More about these two in a separate post! (which has yet to be written)

Shortly before Antonius moved out, Raeburn became a little tired of living in such a lively household. He had been a very reliable and caring father who really took care of his responsibilities, but when Sheena decided she wanted to have a baby with Edward, this was too much, and he kindly asked them to move out. At first they were quite upset, Sheena the Pleasure Sim had thoroughly enjoyed the amenities of the Shadowbane household, while Edward had been struggling to become a chef, lost his job, then got it back. But after they had found their dream home, they were happy to stand on their own four feet, had their baby Dorian on the day of the wedding, and all was well.

See more about them here.

Back to Raeburn!
One of my most favorite images of him. I do not know why he glowed like that, I had that happen only one other time with another character, Ontario. At first I thought it was because he had repaired the broken fitness machine :-), but Ontario had just played his bass. No idea what it is, but I love it.

Rae had a family burn-out. He was so happy when everybody, including all the pets that had accumulated over time, had finally moved out. He is not particularly outgoing, so he enjoyed the solitude, looked at the stars, studied, invited some friends over once in a while. And then of course he got bored :-) Or rather, I got bored with him. But since he showed up in every single welcome party for each new character I created, I got to see him once in a while :-)

This is how he met Jeremiah.

They had a very loving relationship for a while, with Jeremiah supporting him in setting up Rae´s restaurant "Di Lorenzo", but, alas, fate works in strange ways, and when Rae was in yet another welcome party, he met Matt. Meet Matt, the Mad Hatter:

He is the guy on the sofa, a little hard to spot, channeling Harold Lloyd :-)

Matt, would you mind coming over here, so the people can see you a bit better?

Here is Matt, having tea in Wonderland, his amusement park:

This was when I started to learn how to use OMSPs :-)

But I am jumping ahead. Head over to this post for more infos!

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