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Jeremiah Owens


I am just realizing I try to put too much into one single post, so I will split it up according to the characters.

Despite his appearance, Jeremiah is a very gentle and shy guy, a Fortune Sim. He spent a lot of time with his cats, and did not make friends easily. He was rather appalled by the laissez-faire attitude of many other Sims in town. Poor guy, he did not really fit in. Over time, he developed some attraction to Rae and also to Joe Carr, but was hesitant to commit himself any further due to their reputation of being not so faithful lovers. 

He was the first Sim to go on vacation:

He met one of those cute Hula guys, for some odd reason named Carla :-)

I had forgotten how silly EA Sims look with their cartoonish eyes :-) (not to mention the hula thingie on his head). This is how Carla looks after a makeover:

But after Carla moved in with Jeremiah, both soon found out that it only had been a flash in the pan, and parted as friends. I think it was Jeremiah who kept calling Rae, probably because he was the first person he met and made friends with.

They frequently met with each other. Rae in his solitude enjoyed Jeremiah´s quiet company (after the whole clan had moved out, see this post for details).

Well, one thing lead to another, and I thought, what the heck, let them be with each other :-)

They had a good time together. Spending a beautiful moonlit evening at the Anatolian Ruins ...

Jeremiah helped Rae setting up his restaurant "Di Lorenzo" ...

But, oh well, you might have seen it coming, at least I did, and Jeremiah already knew it before he even started dating Raeburn Shadowbane - Rae is not the most stable person when it comes to love.

When life becomes too easy and mellow, Rae likes to create some more ... drama? Chaos? Let us just say excitement. He was faithful as long as he and Jeremiah were together, despite some attempts of teenage boys and girls that I will not name here to seduce him. *sigh* If I were still a teenage girl, I would try that, too :-) He is just a big daddy with a big heart. In his defense, I must say he really tried to stick with Jeremiah, but when the Matt Hatter came along, all was lost ... But this again is a different story.

So, we see Jeremiah heart-broken in his new apartment. He just took his souveniers and furniture and moved out :( Poor Jeremiah. (Actually, he just received a stupid chance card that cost him his job, to top it all off. When it rains, it poors ...)

I let him rest for a while and lick his wounds. When he was ready again, he started dating my made-over version of Gilbert Jacquet (I think he came with Open for Business). Here you see him in Gilbert´s dollhouse :-) Servo Kira is preparing dinner, throwing Hamburgers in the air :-)

Due to my inability to set up the Autonomous Casual Romance adjuster properly, Gilbert has been seen in the less reputable quarters of my Downtown more frequently these days. Jeremiah is not yet sure what he thinks about it, and until he has made up his mind, these two are taking a break :-)

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