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Nero and Adrian Delacroix

So, instead of doing more of this in medias res (jumping right in the middle) stuff, I decided to introduce my neighborhood family-wise.

One of the first families were Nero and Adrian which I created in CAS (Create a Sim) and just threw them into a household together. I had just started with downloading different bodyshapes, and these were the first to try the Slim Body Builder shape. I really like shape, but the skin has its flaws here and there, but as I can do nothing to correct that, I decided to just live with it.

Nero, on the left, is a Romance Sim, Adrian Popularity. That combo works quite well together, Adrian always wants to throw parties, and Nero has the chance to meet many people for his amorous affairs. It is always fun to play the household and invite all the other Sims over, and see how they interact. Adrian was a little in love with Nero, but he was absolutely not the kind of guy who enjoys an affair. He is way too serious for that. Evil Nero didn´t care much about that, though, and in an attempt to boost his aspiration meter, kept flirting with Adrian until the latter finally caved in.

Poor Adrian. For him, love is a serious business, but Nero, being too much absorbed with his pursuits, was already hunting for the next prey.

Adrian endured that for a while, but things changed when he was part of the welcome wagon for a newly made character, Raeburn. Don´t get me started on Raeburn ... :-) Please, do!!! Rae for me is the core of the whole neighborhood, the sun around which all other planets spin ... *deep sigh*

An idealized father/lover-figure, a father which I never had in real life, but the longing for such a figure still remains ... Gosh, I love that character to death :-) More about him and his ever growing clan later :-)

He looked a little different in the beginning:

Puppy-eyed, with spiky hair :-)

This was all way before I figured out how to take bigger screenshots on the Mac (cmd-doubleclick on the Sims program when you launch it, this will give you the option to play it in windowed mode or change the screen resolution. I set mine to 1280 x 800), so the quality of the earlier shots really isn´t that great.

Well, Rae was new in town, lonely, stuck in a medieval-looking kind of castle lot, and fell in love with Adrian instantly. And vice versa!

Adrian eventually left Nero and moved in with Rae, who due to a lucky stroke (me discovering motherlode, yeah!) got rich overnight and started rebuilding his moldy castle into a sort of Moroccan/oriental oasis. They spent a few years there, being a happy couple, until things started changing and Adrian finally left Rae and moved back in with Nero, who had been devastated when Adrian had moved out.

You would think now that everything is fine again in the Delacroix household, but the human psyche works quite differently :-)

While living with Rae, Adrian had met an older teenager, Nureon. The two really had developed a crush on each other, but since Nureon was quite a bit younger, the whole thing was guilt-laden on Adrian´s side.

Nero did not mind it, he is quite relaxed regarding an open relationship, but Adrian was torn between his own high standards of faithfulness and his desire for Nureon. Nureon eventually made up his mind when he grew up and lived with someone else, but the two still have a huge crush on each other.

During all this, Nero realized he really wanted to be with Adrian. For some reason (reinstalling etc.), their relationship had hit rock bottom, and Nero went to great pains to win Adrian´s heart back. He changed his aspiration from Romance to Fortune, took Adrian to the beach, then to a fancy restaurant and finally Adrian gave in, and they became engaged.

Adrian first had to break up the engagement with Rae though, which was quite a hassle and ended in a lot of fighting and tears :(

Well, everytime I play this household, I intend to finally let them marry, but for some reason can´t make up my mind :-) There is always another party to be thrown, another skill point to be gained ... I am not sure whether Adrian and Nureon finally want to take the jump to be with each other or not. Another one of those loose ends :-)

Besides, don´t these two just look adorable with each other?

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