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Sheena and Edward Cyrus

It is kind of difficult to find a proper order for presenting my neighborhood, so I am trying to split it up person-wise, but since people keep moving in and out, marry, divorce, get children etc. I have not yet found a way to solve this mess. I am trying to stick to the households for now.

This is a continuation from this post. For those who do not want to read the whole long post, a little summary.

Sheena and Rae raised two kids together, Akira and Antonius, but were not deeply romantically involved with each other. Instead, Sheena was in love with Edward and decided to have a baby with him. At that point, Rae kindly asked them to move out, which they did. Sounds silly, I know. Read the whole story :-)

After they had moved out of the Shadowbane Estate, they found a little home they could call their own. Sheena got pregnant again, after giving birth to Akira and Antonius, and Edward and Sheena married rather quickly, just right in time for Dorian Cyrus to arrive. They had just finished the wedding ceremony when the baby was born. Talk about perfect timing :-)

Just some impressions of Sheena, Edward and Dorian:

Sheena with her grown-up first son, Antonius Shadowbane:

And with her daughter Akira:

I am not playing that household much at the moment, Sims life without drama is a bit boring :-)

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