Mittwoch, 25. Juli 2012

Jonah Powers II

Carlotta with the father of her son, Max Flexor, another Uni Sim. ACR kicking in, she flirts and falls in love again - only to get rejected a while later:

The silly girl won´t stop, though, and Max finally loses his crush on her.

I am glad another Uni friend of hers started flirting with her, so she was busy with Geraldine instead of completely ruining her relationship with Max. This has happend before, my guess is that the "Friends" household with Mitch Indie and Max Flexor is somehow borked, at least ACR does not really function as it should with both guys.

In the meantime Jonah is close to starving and fainting and orders something at the bar. And OF COURSE some stupid, ugly, random downtownie (without makeover) comes and grabs the drink - as it ALWAYS happens!! Gah!

Yeah, make a face :-) At this point I caved in and a used a cheat to maximize all motives, otherwise my main character would have fainted on the floor.

Appearance Mrs. Crumplebottom, shooing people out of the pool and lecturing about improper clothes:

The guy in the middle is Adrian.

But after the old witch dashes off to the bar, see who is hopping into the pool? Delilah and Mitch. I tried to bring them together, only to find Mitch being like a shrinking violet/hypersensitive and rejecting her out of nowhere, so I gave up.

He is not one of my favorite characters, a Family Sim, but still, I have a desire to take care of my Sims, and this is a nice development.

You would have guessed by now that I have jealousy turned off :-)

Jonah rolls the want to smustle, and smustlin´ he does!

On the left two others of my playable characters, Ontario Reeves in the front and Akira Cyrus in the back. Both are married to other partners, but have a rather secret crush (chemistry: Three bolts) on each other. I always ponder if should let them be togehter, since Ontario is not too happy in his marriage, but Akira refuses to leave her husband :-) So, no action for now.

Until Ontario decides to hop into the pool where Akira is already relaxing ... oh oh!

I am glad they are not alone in the pool, and Jonah leaves before anything else happens. Ontario is a bit of a town bully, with only two nice points. He is married to Alice in Wonderland, has two kids with her, but she is more interested in her clothing shops than taking care of her marriage and the kids - sad but true. Well, but this is another story yet to be told :-)

Now I am tired ... to be continued here :-)

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