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Welcome and Jonah Powers I

Welcome to Rebellina´s Imaginary Friends, a site about my Sims 2-World!

I would like to share with you some of the adventures my little people go through ...

The neighbourhood has already been running for a few months, but I would like to jump right in with a character I fell in love with recently, Jonas Kraft in German, Jonah Powers in the English game. He was a premade character and so incredibly ugly, I had to give him a makeover. I stole this image from EA:

If you have played the premade household in University, you will recognize him as the guy on the right.

This is how my Jonah looks after some heavy makeover:

Cute, isn´t he? :-)

I let him move in into my first Greek house, founded by Miranda and Carlotta:

Carlotta Ramirez, another made-over gal (on the left) just had a little accident while repairing the computer. Miranda is understandably worried. Due to a glitch in the Autonomous Casual Romance mod (ACR), Carlotta got pregnant while being in Uni, the first time she hopped in bed with somebody! Argh!

But that is a different story, which I might write up another time. Miranda helped Carlotta raise her son Nikolai. They asked Wynona to join the Greek House and move in, so the three of them could take turns caring for the baby.

 It worked quite well. When it was time for them to graduate, they needed someone to stay in the Greek house, and this is when Jonah joined the house.

Since I am a little bit obsessed by changing the totally ugly EA-Sims, I was delighted to find that the Sim Blender, an object with many possibilites, worked well in my Mac game. It gives you the option to change the appearance of people just being on a lot, among many other useful features. So, there was this Sim walking by Jonah´s house, I think Dietmar Dodo was his name (duh!). Sadly, I did not get a screenshot before I put my hands on him :-)

But this is how he looked afterwards:

I think the hair is an old Trish hair, sadly, I could not find a more modern retexture, but this guy is so cute :-) He got a new name, I fiddled some more with the lipstick, and this is the final result - meet Eldred Rice:

Ok, the hair is terrible, but still, it fits him so well, I squealed when I first saw him!! He is truly one of my favorite characters in game ATM. Very shy, so whenever he flirts he gets totally embarassed, a neat freak who gets excited when he can clean the toilet and shower, and still loves to pretend he is such a cool guy with his dark gothic clothes:

Eldred doing what he loves the most: Cleaning :-)

Bubbles and a cute little butt in pink underpants ...

Well, you can tell I am very fond of him, don´t you?

Jonah thought he was awesome, too. His first attempt to flirt was a failure, though:

But Jonah was persistant:

... and got Eldred intrigued:

And then they hit it off really well:

So well, in fact, that Jonah dropped his Romance aspiration and became a Knowledge Sim like Eldred. That turned them into Threebolters instantly! Jonah went so far to get engaged with Eldred.

Sadly, sometimes changing the aspiration seems to keep some of the older aspiration still in place, so after a while, Jonah became a tad bored and started making out with his old love Mitch Indie again.

I was not sure where this relationship was going. Jonah was in his last year, ready to take his finals. Eldred is in his 2nd or 3rd year. They had Luna move in, daughter of Matt Hatter and the the result of an alien abduction:

(I am using a multi-pollination technician mod from the Garden of Shadows called "Stolen by Fairies" from Hat. Isn´t Luna just gorgeous???)

Luna sadly rolled a Romance aspiration (her father and step-father are both Knowledge Sims, and this is how I picture her, but I thought I could always change that later). She has been trying to flirt with Eldred (who wouldn´t?), but he has not been overly enthusiastic to get more deeply involved with her. He constantly rolls wants regarding Jonah, who in turn can´t make up his mind whether he wants to be with Mitch or Eldred.

So I thought I start a little story when Jonah leaves the Greek house after graduation. Wow, that was a longwinded introduction :-)

I had downloaded a few dark, gothic and haunted houses from Mod the Sims when another of my favorite characters, Cissy, fell in love with the Grand Vampire and decided to move to a new home with him (another story yet to be written ...)

One house seemed perfect for a new character starting out, and I redid it a bit to match the general gloomy atmosphere of the house:

First Floor:

Second Floor:

I managed to creep myself out while I was rebuilding this house!! But I felt a little punishment would be just right for Jonah :-) He started out with 410 Simoleons.

He wanted to get a job either as a scientist or in the medical career, so I tagged these and hoped for the best, but on the first day, the paper didn´t offer any jobs for him. So I sent him downtown to work as a DJ. Luckily, he did not drop the earphones or played silly music, and even enjoyed himself.

Usually, he is not very playful, "Hot Hands" is my quickest way of boosting fun, and he just hates it ;-) Also, telling jokes is not his favorite thing.

Then it was off to my remade version of the Café Romara. I liked it so much I opened a branch in my main town, too.  Free dinner, a game of chess and a cup of coffee seemed like a good way to start his new life.

Then he spent most of his earnings on an easel. His lifetime want is to max all seven skills, and I thought it was a good way to keep him busy during his unemployment time.


I tried to follow his wants instead of making him do something. No want to speak to Eldred, sniff!! But Mitch called and invited him Downtown.

The whole University gang joins, except - Eldred :(

On the left Delilah O´Keefe, another premade character I play once in a while, and Mitch Indie on the right.

Jonah decides on another round of DJing, to maybe afford some dinner. He is hungry and very tired. And I forgot there is no BBQ or coffee machine on the Downtown lot. Argh!

Continued here.

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