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Jonah Powers IV

This is a continuation of these three posts: Jonah Powers I, Jonah Powers II, Jonah Powers III

To sum it up, Jonah met Eldred while in college, fell in love with him and proposed. The two stayed in a Greek House. Jonah could not completely forget about his first love, Mitch Indie, though, so this is when the confusion started. When Jonah graduated, I thought I follow him along in this blog :-)

Winter has fallen:

Jonah is completely content to just work on his skills. He does surprisingly well in his Showbiz career and due to no distracting wishes to meet somebody, call somebody, juggle cups, jump on the sofa or go out, he gets promoted very quickly.

He is either sitting on the sofa studying, or working out. Very boring, I mostly run the game on very fast forward :-) As he earns more money, I re-decorate the lot here and there.

The only exciting thing that happens is a visit from a wolf:

Then Gilbert Jacquet passes by, and to end the tedium, I let Jonah greet him and makro becoming friends, which is accomplished in no time!! Wow, that was the fastest friends-making I have ever witnessed!

Gilbert is another beloved character of mine (which is an indicator of picspam to come!), and gets invited to lunch.

Then Jonah starts having thought bubbles of Gilbert with lots of hearts around them, and I think: "Oh, oh!" And, indeed, they share two bolts. This explains why the friend-making was so easy. In my imagination, Gilbert is a shy guy, a little lonely, longing for a committed relationship, but he has not found Mr. or Mrs. Right yet.

To my surprise, he has shown up in several night clubs around town flirting like crazy recently, so I have to rethink my assessment of him :-)

Maybe he is getting a little desperate as time passes and he finds no one he really loves. Currently, he has an affair with Jeremiah, but Jeremiah is one of the few Sims in town who does not appreciate the "outgoing" attitude which is present in the neighborhood, so I am afraid this relationship is already doomed.

So, I let Jonah and Gilbert just go on and watch what happens.

Seems I really have to re-evaluate Gilbert´s nature :-) He starts the conversation during lunch with speaking about Woohoo, which is a subject Jonah enjoys, you could have guessed that.

Then Jonah speaks about oil. Umm, I will rather not comment on that, but in my opinion the conversation is getting a bit slippery, pardon the pun :-). Then, before things can get completely out of control, Jonah has to leave for work. He works at the Broadway by now with very late hours.

After getting promoted to Broadway Star, it is time for some new clothes. He must have been freezing to death by now in his fancy but flimsy outfit. He walks over to Alice´s Amazing Clothes in Downtown to buy some outfit that are more appropriate for the season. I decide he likes blue, and blue he gets!

Some "scope the room" action shows Renee as the best match, but Jonah does not even roll the want to talk to him. Sheesh! I knew Knowledge Sims like to study, but Jonah seems completely self-contained. Oh well, I just let him go his way.

It is interesting though that when Knowledge Sims live with somebody, they constantly roll the wish to flirt, kiss, make-out, wohoo. They are even worse than Romance Sims :-) But this obviously does not apply when they live alone. I think I could as well let Jonah happily die of old age without ever speaking to anybody in person again. As long as he can study and use his mobile phone, he is perfectly content.

This is how his wants panel usually looks. Gain skill points, meet ghost, meet wolf, cheat death. Talking somebody into preparing a meal comes up very rarely. The fear of some of his close friends dying cycles through: Fear of Mitch dying, Fear of Wynona dying, Fear of Eldred dying. But his fear can not be so bad because he has no inclination to check in on his friends :-)

The next day, he calls Gilbert. I have the "autoyak" mod from MATY installed, which gives you the option to "call friends" when clicking on the Sim. Since I also have another hack in the game, I think from TheNinthWaveSims, which prevents the relationship from decaying, he usually calls the Sim friend with whom he has the lowest relationship score, which is Gilbert at present.

They amuse me some more with their choice of subjects:

Public Wohoo


The next day is Jonah´s day off work, and I decide he is allowed to invite one of his love interests. I roll a die, and guess who is the lucky winner? Gilbert.

Gilbert loses absolutely no time, right after the welcome hug he starts flirting. Gilbert, stop being so desperate!!

The flirting is followed by some silly pillow-fighting, which I cancel before the two faint. Right after that, Gilbert heads to the bed to "relax". Umm, Gilbert!!

At some point, I was thinking of doing some sort of bachelor challenge with Jonah, throwing him in a household with Mitch Indie, Gilbert Jacquet and Eldred Rice. But if I really sense into Jonah (or rather my projection of him), I realize he misses Eldred. Really, really misses him. And I cave in, as usual :-) Instead of hopping into bed with Gilbert, who is not even a close friend (silly ACR!), Gilbert gets a hug, a breakdance show which now makes them close friends, and then is waved goodbye. Sorry Gilbert!

And then Eldred gets called, yeah! :-) And hugged passionately when he arrives.

Eldred pulls his act together and start some ACR-induced arm-kissing.

He receives a gift from Jonah (some old books for the fellow Knowledge Sim):

And then the fiancés get some quality time together :-)

*sigh* Don´t they just look adorable together?

And my desire for romance and happy endings is finally fulfilled. End of Story so far :-) Because Eldred is still in college, and I have some kids and teenagers waiting to grow older and join the Greek House where he lives, his moving in with Jonah will have to wait for a while. Hope you enjoyed my silly ramblings! At least I did :-)

 Update: If you want to see how the story continued, read here.

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