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Aeon Adams

In my last post, I mentioned Aeon Adams, and would like to give him a proper introduction.

Aeon is the son of Akira and Tony Adams, Elaine Adams is his sister. Read more about his family here.

Aeon won my heart when Dorian invited his step-family over to the dorm. Since I am a control-freak when it comes to playing Sims, I usually micromanage every move you make, every step you take - err, well, they make. I never saw a kid pulling a face like that one (because probably they never had a chance to do it, but here was Aeon in the dorm as a guest, and could go on a rampant to his heart´s desire.

I was curious what was going to happen, and he went to an unsuspecting dormie and shocked her!

Then he went into Lewis´ room and jumped on the bed for hours. This is what happens when you let your Sims loose, especially if they hardly have any nice points :-) On this day, he decided that one day he would live in this dorm.

Here he looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.

Akira made sure he got at least some nice points.

Aeon grew up into a cute teenager. 

He made friends with Flux Hatter, son of Matt Hatter and the result of an alien abduction. 

Being the curious knowledge Sim that he is, he started dating Flux. 

The two ran away together and got caught by the police, but that did not stop them from trying that again. Rascals!

Sometimes, I can not take screenshots, but only have a few poor quality in-game shots.

Aeon sitting in a huge limousine, ready to pick up Flux.

Flux returning home in the police car. Thankfully, the parents were sound asleep and did not care.


Flux was rather upset when Aeon did not want to go into the same dormitory with him. Not only that, but Aeon broke up with Flux. They never had been going steady, so there was no drama involved in-game, but Flux was devastated. There seems to be a certain Shadowbane gene that makes Rae´s offspring a bit unpredictable, and Aeon is not free from that. Poor Flux, I felt very sorry for him, but Aeon went on a sort of Romance Rampage. But first he had to refuse Basic´s charming.

Then along came Eldred.  Eldred who had been unhappily waiting for Jonah to make up his mind and at least give him a call, after Jonah had graduated and moved out of the Greek House. Which did not happen until I gave in and let Jonah call him. He even proposed to Eldred, only to forget him again.

My heart cringed. Eldred is in the Top Five of My Favorite Sims Ever. I think he deserved something more than waiting for Jonah who was perfectly content just studying and dating other Sims. See the whole story here: Jonah I, Jonah II, Jonah III, Jonah IV.

So I thought: Ok, Aeon (who is in the Top Five of My Favorite Sims Ever, too), give it a go. Although I was a bit hesitant, Eldred really did not need another uncaring Sim who would break his heart again.

And I knew he was notorious for refusing silly flirt attempts. He is a very shy guy, and voilá, Eldred did not disappoint me :-) I think it was a harmless "Charm" that Aeon started with.

Which Eldred refused. 

Aeon gave up quickly and turned to Luna Hatter, Flux´ sister. As a Romance Sim, she naturally enjoyed Aeon´s attention. These two have been friends forever, so it was not particularly difficult.

Eldred´s expression is a bit tortured. Wonder what he thinks? He tried to focus on his homework and ignoring Aeon´s flattery and flummery.

As Aeon proceeded, there was the curious incident of him wanting to get engaged with Luna and at the same time fearing it. Speak about ambivalence! Haha, and I just noticed another wish was to buy love potion No. 8.5, most likely for his failure in flirting with Eldred :-)

Meanwhile, Eldred took a bath in the whirlpool and probably pondered what was up with the new kid on the block.

Aeon proceeded to lure Luna into bed, only to realize he was not into girls. Duh! So, after a passionate kiss, he crawled under the covers and fell asleep quickly.

In the morning, he planned his next move.

Which was to jump on the sofa for a while.

And give it another try with Eldred.

Hug? Check. Good sign. Proceed.

Aah, and then finally, the first kiss.  Aeon did not want to push his luck and left it at that. And he was still unsure if he wanted to continue further on this path. He knew Eldred is a serious person and not into superficial flirts. His sister Elaine, who lives with Luna and Eldred in the Greek House, had told him everything about Jonah and Eldred, and he did not feel like going any further when he was not sure if he really wanted to be with Eldred.

So instead, he enjoyed Max´ attention.

Then he was invited to one of the famous Greek House parties. And I thought, what the heck, no risk, no fun, and let Eldred approach Aeon. Hmm, and they kissed ...

And then I went on vacation. 10 days without actually playing Sims, but lots of time to sense into my pixel creations. I even started writing a bit more seriously, and had lots of fun with my fantasy Simmies. When I came back, I had made some decisions, and decided to let the drama ensue!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the Steampunk dorm again and checked in with Aeon, he rolled the wish to get engaged to Eldred. Wow. This was exactly what I had planned for him, at least in the long run, but in my inner world Aeon had decided to stop his Romance Rampage and get serious with Eldred. It was a nice confirmation from the game :-)

Not wasting any more time than necessary, first thing in the morning Aeon did was invite Eldred.

For some reason, Eldred did not feel like wasting any time, either, and stormed to the 3rd floor and jumped right into the whirlpool. The Autonomous Casual Romance Adjuster in action. It took some effort to drag him out of the water again.

"What do you mean - get out of the pool? I just got in!"

Aeon preferred to start the whole thing a bit more slowly, also.

At least a little bit.

When someone called, maybe Elaine, he enthusiastically spoke about the great kissing.

And then the Drama began. The first of a few.

Eldred had invited Jonah and Aeon to the Greek House to break-up with Jonah.

Poor Jonah, he did not know what hit him. He was very much in his cloud-cuckoo-land.

No chance to argue with Eldred. When Jonah broke out in tears, I felt sorry for him, though, and Eldred and Aeon kissing behind his back was a bit heartless, in my opinion. I think it was autonomous. I wash my hands of responsibility :-)

 When Eldred approached Jonah later, Jonah was still upset. Understandably so.

Later, Eldred and Aeon met at Aeon´s place again. There was a hilarious moment when Anders decided to sit down in front of the bed while Aeon and Eldred were ready to spring into action.

Caption contest, anyone?

How about:

"After years of Transcendental Meditation, Anders was able to maintain a calm and serene stance even in the most dicey situations."

Anders´ expression is really priceless.

He was eventually shooed out of the room.

Just a few more pics of my favorite simmies.

Aeon is happy.

"You bet."

More about Aeon and Eldred here

Jonah´s story continues here.

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