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Akira Cyrus - Tony Adams

Before I start writing about Aeon Adams, I guess I have to introduce his parents first.

Akira Cyrus is the daugther of Sheena Cyrus and Rae Shadowbane. She met Tony on the growing-up party of her younger brother Antonius. Read more about the beginning of the couple in the above link.

This is where we left them:


Tony got invited for dinner, and again, one thing led to another ...

Tony, who had been living with Richard for a few years, decided to leave him and buy a big house where we both can live ... If I was a sculptor, but then again, no ... wait a minute, that is a different story :-) [Elton John, Your Song] Anyway, Tony bought a huge house, and Akira moved in with him. She did not care that he was a criminal and involved with some dirty affairs.

They look like two cute superheroes :-) Akira is in the Sports career, this is her training suit.

Although they loved each other dearly,  Tony was a bit reluctant to the thought of marriage and having kids. Akira was content for a few years,  she was busy studying for her career and having fun.

But eventually she longed for a bigger family. And they married - another one of those Last Minute Marriages just before the first baby was born, Elaine.

Don´t ask me why Nero is dancing in the back stark naked. At least he is dancing with his fiancé Adrian (who wears the most outdated suit, maybe to compensate Nero´s frankness). Most of the guests had just left the party, when Akira gave birth to Elaine. Mom Sheena and Dad Raeburn stayed to witness the event.

Shortly afterwards, Aeon Adams was born.

I was happy they had the Servo/Robot Roberta around to help with the kids.


 Tony is a very caring father. Just ignore the Supervillain costume :-)

Akira loves her family. Her brother Antonius, and her Dad ...

 as well as her Mom and her half-brother Dorian.

When she reached Platinum permanently, she invited her family out to a Beach resort.

Elaine grew up into a real cutie.

Aaah, and Aeon ... don´t get me started on Aeon :-) Aeon gets a post on his own. As well as Elaine, but it takes time to write it.

Both kids have now moved to college, and I haven´t paid Tony and Akira a visit for a while. Even though it is kind of hard, I decided to let my Sims age and play the households legacy-like, so that at least some kids will return home. I think Elaine and her fiancé Ziggy would like to move in with her parents. They just have to finish college first. See you, then!

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