Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Last day of Uni for Luna and Eldred

Although Uni drags on and on, I am kind of sad that Luna and Eldred will leave the University after 4 years. The Greek House is still my favorite house in Uni, and the trio consisting of Eldred, Luna and Elaine was always fun to watch.

Read the first part about Eldred and Aeon here.

And I then realized that Elaine will be the last one in the Greek House. She will surely miss her buddies. I think I will roll the dice to find out who will be the lucky ones who will join her.

Eldred invites Aeon over (wo brings the Unsavory Charlatan along as a friend, which makes me afraid my game is borked, but he just hangs out and plays pool).

The beautiful image on the right is by Durwaigh, check out their site, they have such amazing images over there! It was meshed by Lidiqnata.

Now some more picspam of Aeon and Eldred :-)

They start flirting in the bathroom (where else?):

Eldred has the wish that someone would flirt with him (it is obviously spring), but instead of taking the opportunity to spend some more time with Aeon, Eldred does what Eldred likes most, and this is not sex, but cleaning:

Oh, yes, you dirty little sink, give it to me!!

Thankfully, Aeon does not belong to the obsessive-compulsive faction, and stoically waits until Eldred is done.

Doesn´t he just look gorgeous? *sigh*

His sister Elaine is a real beauty, too. Tony and Akira just have pretty kids.

Ziggy Stardust, Elaine´s fiancé, drops by and leaves a gift for a date they had, a chess table.

He was made by strange_tomato who wrote the wonderful story "Strangetown, here we come", which was sadly never finished, but I so enjoyed reading it. He is a "breed" of Johnny Smith and Ripp Grunt and originally called Markus, and I just had to have him in my game.

And then the trio has exams, and soon Eldred and Luna will leave. I finished here, but they of course will throw one of their famous Greek House Parties before they will go.

Just one more shot of Aeon, edited in Photoshop (click image to see a larger version):

The story of Eldred and Aeon continues here.

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