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Gustavsson Legacy II

If there had been any doubt whether Ingolf Peterson was the right man, I was fully convinced after seeing his PJ.

It is amazing how well his pyjamas fit Marja´s favorite color scheme!

Marja learned to life with his criminal tendencies.

Since time is really an issue in a Legacy, she became pregnant quickly. She never had much time to gain many body points, so the pregnancy was really tough. She basically spent it in the Bermuda Triangle of bed, fridge and toilet, either throwing up or needing to pee. This was the worst pregnancy I ever had in game.

Warning: Gore below.

Short before birth, Marja and Ingolf had a quiet marriage. There was neither time nor energy for a fancier party.

And then Anders Gustavsson was born.

Ingolf is a very loving father. Ah, cute men and babies :-)

Then Marja got pregnant again. With twins!! The first twins in my game. I was delighted.

The twin boys were born. And all hell broke loose.

I don´t know exactly when it happened, but Marja got ill. Really ill. Just a day before, I had put a mod in the game which caused the illnesses to be more severe. Looking back, it was not a good idea.

She coughed ... and coughed ... and coughed. She did not get better for days. Ah, and Ingolf was ill, too. There they were, one toddler and two babies, and both parents ill. Marja was so sick she thought of death.

And I was really worried my Legacy would come to a sudden end. Panic!!

For some reason, I either forgot to take screenshots, or the internal screenshot program was acting up. So I do not have many pictures.

Just one of the twins getting really scared by an evil toy:

I used one moment when Ingolf was not close to fainting to rush him to Robertson´s Robot Manufacture to get another Servo. She is responsible for the survival of my Legacy. Both parents were tied to the bed, Ingolf improved rather quickly, but most of the twins childhood Marja was really ill. Sad!

Anders is an interesting little guy. Playing chess and fishing with his father at the local Fish & Swim Community Park. Marja is still in bed coughing.

Anders with his younger brother, Flynn.

Flynn, Arkadij, Anders

Finally, Marja and Ingolf make it to the top of their careers.

During the party of Anders growing up into a teenager. Subtitle: Things with wings :-)

Doing the Smustle.

Last shot of Anders before he goes to college. Totally love the outfit!

The twins wave Anders goodbye, and the family enjoys some winter fun.

Marja and Ingolf are still madly in love with each other, while the twins serioulsy lack table manners.

Then Marja´s big day comes. Sniff! She is the first Sim I ever let age. An interesting experience. Of course, they throw a big party. It is also the day the twins grow up. A triple birthday.

Smustling in the shower is always the best! To the left is Loic Inward, son of Ontario and Alice Reeves. Watch out for him, he becomes a real cutie!

Marja ages up quite beautifully.

Again no pictures of the teenage twins. Don´t ask me why. You will meet them again in college.

Next: Anders Gustavsson goes to college!

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