Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Photoshoot for the Fairytale Contest

As I mentioned earlier, I participate in a contest over at DeviantArt organized by TheSimsWorld, "Fairytales and Folklore", and picked "Alice in Wonderland" as my theme. Alice had already received a heavy make-over, because she was just too troubled. So, I sent the poor woman into rehab, got her some beautiful clothes from Zauma, and invited her to Wonderland, a community lot owned by Matt Hatter.

I took about 300 shots, but then decided to build another set for my final image:

But still I liked a lot of the shots, and want to show them here. The Wonderland Community Lot is an ongoing project, I keep adding and building as I find stuff.

Here is Alice with the Cheshire Cat.

Nice couple :-)

Love this picture! Alice looks like: Ok, now what?

The Tea Party, covered in snow.

Matt, Alice and the Cheshire cat had to stay a whole day and a night, sometimes freezing heavily.

Here are two more pictures, one just right after the make-over (with a different dress from Zauma) and one in Alice´s bedroom:

Some Photoshop edits, just playing around with various filters and overlays.

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