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Gustavsson Legacy

I decided to do a Legacy, well knowing I would probably not last long, but at least I made it to generation 2 so far!

Here is Marja Gustavsson, the Legacy founder.

These beautifully clashing clothes were picked by the CAS, and I totally fell in love with this color combo. Marja loves color, mainly pinks, reds and oranges. I rolled the dice for aspiration etc., she is a Taurus and Knowledge Sim.

The Legacy home ... well, not much money left after the first few walls are up and the basic furniture has been bought.

At least the bedding is red and the oven orange :-) It is a start. Go, Marja, go!

First lunch. No wallpaper, but hail! Marja looks slightly underwhelmed.

One of her wishes is to become a gamer, and as luck has it, there is a job in the gaming career available, yeah!

The first bookshelf. Still no wallpaper, and no lamps. It gets a bit depressing.

She meets a few people, but no townies pass by, until .... (drumroll): Mr. Potential Legacy Husband No. 1!

Oh well, I guess you can´t ask for much ... Marja likes his 70s training suit, but they just don´t hit it off. Too bad, or maybe not :-)

She tries to entertain herself by catching fireflies and going to a nightclub to gain creativity skillpoints. She is also badly in need of some money, probably because it is her free day.

Of course she drops the headphones and puts on some silly music ... these are probably the longest teeth I have ever seen :-) Ignore the goofy DJ in the background.

Then some halfway decently looking townie shows up. Go, Marja, go! But she is toooooo sloooooow ... drops the headphones AGAIN, and before she even has a chance to speak with him, he leaves! Oh no, Marja, failure! We could have afforded some plastic surgery for him later!

She goes home to some more firefly catching and penguin watching (ignore the season).

Digging for treasure also proves to be rather futile.

Money really becomes an issue now. But then Mr. Big calls and invites her to Downtown, Angel John Hunter and his devilish friend Aniel Cabron in tow.

The conversation is a little tenacious, but hey, what can you expect from a man who wears that kind of jacket? ;P

She has made friends with John, but he is not a townie ... too sad, they would have made a lovely couple, but I did not want to break the rules THAT early.

They go back to her place, Marja cooks, and then ... ACR kicks in. Well, wait a minute, what are you guys doing over there?

Could you please stop that?

Hey, that was supposed to be MY date!! I am getting older every day, I am broke, I don´t even have wallpapers!! But there is no chance to stop John and Mr. Big from hugging and kissing. Well, that was that. Three dollars left.
But next day brings a promotion, thanks God, and she can afford a new bed and a little radio, as well as some chairs and a table.  She brings Ontario home from work. They don´t really like each other, but she needs friends. He is not a townie, though, and also married. The biological clock is ticking!

Umm, Marja, no! Not the paper boy!

And then ... and then ... a townie passing by! Named Ingolf Peterson. Lisa Ramirez, freshly divorced, gets sent home quickly. I do not want a repetition of that Mr. Big/John Hunter-ACR-disaster again. Get that woman off your thoughts, quickly!

Marja chats, Marja cooks. Marja suggests a date, Marja flirts, and Bingo!

They only share one bolt, so I am quite impressed how quickly things went. Impressed and pleased :-) Until ... the nearly fatal slow dance. Marja never practiced dancing, so she steps on Ingolf´s toes. Ouch!

She manages to iron out her mistake by a tactical question about Ingolf´s wishes and his career.

Oh, great, a criminal. Just what Mommy and Daddy wished for her. Well, when the biological clock is ticking, you can´t be that picky. On the plus side, he has been around town for quite a while, and has amassed a large amount of money by breaking other people´s homes. 18.445 §, to be exact. Wow, Marja hit the jackpot! Wallpapers, here I come!

She doesn´t hesitate a second and asks him to move in. And spends his hard earned money to buy ... wallpapers. In pink. Of course. And windows. And everything else this bare home so badly missed all these months. She feels just a little guilty.

Stay tuned for another episode of the Gustavsson Legacy tomorrow!!

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