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Cissy Trussard

I want to randomly introduce a few more Sims in my neighbourhood. This is Cissy Trussard, one of the few women in my town.

Cissy was randomly thrown in a household with Jonathan Black, fell in love with him, but he was not ready for a committed relationship with her, which left her devastated for a few years.

She showed up in every single welcome wagon, and is probably the one Sim with the most relationships and contacts in town. As a Pleasure/Romance Sim, she of course fell in love with everybody, but lost interest as quickly as well.

She owns two coiffeur salons in town and is a professional party guest. Her home was a nightmare dream in pink.

Just a few shots of crazy dating Cissy:

Cissy and Elizabeth Cuthbert

Cissy and Matt Hatter

 Cissy and Random Carrion

Cissy never looked like she wanted to get into a stable relationship, until, one day at the coiffeur shop ...

Count Maxim Davidov, the local vampire, showed up and got a quick makeover.  Gosh, I thought he looked cute, and Cissy agreed :-)

It took some more fiddling with the make-up and turn-ons ... 

until they finally hit it off. I never had a vampire in the game, so I was curious how it would be.

Cissy asked him to move in and bought him a coffin.

The Count entertained me with a great show of sinking into his purple-lined sarcophagus, dressed in red pyjamas and a scarf. What an eye-blinding color combo :-)

It did not take long, and Maxim decided to bite Cissy.

She did not wait long to plan her revenge.

Cissy, the Vampire.

They packed their stuff and bought a new house, a dark, castle-like estate without windows, appropriate for the new vampire couple. All went well, until they decided to hug, cuddle and kiss in bright daylight. Speak about burning passion :-)

This was the first time I realized having vampires might not be an easy task. All bars were drained, Maxim fell into his plate during lunch.

Live fast, die young, and leave a beautiful corpse - even in death Cissy stays the fashion victim she always has been.

Then somebody rang the doorbell, and our heros jumped out of their coffins, complaining. Aaaargh!

Also, inviting friends over was quite a challenge, because Maxim kept scaring the visitors. I love the completely innocent look on his face. "Who, me? No, I did nothing!"

On the plus side, he obviously is a neat freak. I have never before or after seen somebody do this, cleaning the windows in a shop, since there is no Apartment Life for Macintosh.

Aaaand, doesn´t he look just too sexy?

And who can claim having a sexy man who is a sweet pet at the same time?

(I have always wondered what this tiny red zipper-like thing is that hangs around the bat´s neck. Any ideas?)

Cissy bought a bunch of anti-vampire medicine (Vamprocillin-D), because I felt one vampire was enough in the family, and Maxim kept rolling wants that Cissy becomes normal again. That didn´t stop him from biting her though, until I finally added a mod that stopped him from biting everyone around.

Life in the dark and gloomy castle made Cissy feel rather miserable quickly. The poor thing loved bright, pink colors, and living in a house with no windows was really depressing her. I threw out a larger sum of cash, and they renovated the pool room and turned it into a beautiful oriental hamam sort of thing.

Playing a bit with Photoshop:

Hugging and kissing thin air - take a look at the mirror.

But this didn´t help. I should have known that. She just withered away. So Count Maxim, not wanting to lose the love of his life, made the heavy decision to become a normal human again. Aah, the sacrifices you make for love ...

He made a great show out of it.

Nice tan :-) And I love that he still keeps doing his evil vampire show.

First thing I did was putting in windows and redecorating the castle in Cissy-colors: pink, white, magenta. And let them try for a baby. Which obviously worked.

Enjoy your quality time together while you still can :-)

I am so curious how their offspring will look like. Stay tuned! 


I had a few pregnancies in my neighbourhood, and this was the last baby to come. It kind of dragged on and on. Count Maxim was trying to cook ...

They visited some Uni kids. Maxim sometimes feels like somebody is following him, but this might just be his imagination.


Then, finally it was time and Cissy went into labor.

As usual, the men freak out.

Then Jules Trussard was born. They had a quick and quiet marriage just before birth.
Instead of hugging his wife, congratulating her and telling her how much he loves her, the ex-vampire Maxim scares his wife to death :-) Great idea, Maxim.

Cissy pays him back with an evil prank.

They are really a cute couple.

The house finally received some windows, I love how the hammam looks now.


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