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Lewis Riddell - Dorian Cyrus

 Lewis grew up as the very troubled son of Alice McGee Riddell. If you´ve ever played American McGee´s Alice, you will know why he was troubled :-)

Initially, I wanted to add Matt Hatter to the family, but never got around to it, so Alice became a single mom. I used a premade house which was just perfect, Hovel Haven Factory by oph3lia. It was cluttered from top to bottom, with alcohol bottles lying around, so the troubled, alcohol-addicted Mom was born.

Lewis rather indiscreminately sought the attention of older men, here he is with Ode by mouseyblue. Despite his poor social background and lack of support, he managed to make it to college, where he met Dorian Cyrus.

Dorian was the love child of Sheena Cyrus and Edward Black.

Sadly, Dorian was so incredibly ugly as a kid, I did not take any pictures, and he had to undergo plastic surgery later.

So, Dorian had everything Lewis never had, loving, gentle parents, a safe environment to grow up, lots of encouragement and a good education. Nevertheless, when the two met, it was love at first sight.

By that time, I learned how to redecorate dorms (boolprop dormspecifictoolsdisabled false), and their dorm received a huge makeover, turning it into a Victorian/Steampunk era university. Here are their two respective rooms:

Dorian is a real hunk :-)

All was well, until Lewis felt Dorian didn´t love him enough. If you have had such a difficult upbringing like he did, eventually the old pain resurfaces. He decided to become a Romance Sim and had various love affairs, but could not really leave Dorian, who stayed surprisingly calm in all this turmoil. Lewis was very upset when Wynona moved in, feeling very jealous and afraid to lose Dorian.

The issue was not really resolved when both finished college, and despite that they decided to stay in a place together, the House of Five Gables by katalina. It received a makeover, but is not yet finished because the two don´t have that much money yet.

Both were not really sure if they wanted to stay together. Dorian was getting a bit tired by Lewis´ indecisiveness and his capricious attitude. Nevertheless, both rolled wants to hug each other, kiss each other, make-out with each other ...

One thing led to another on one beautiful winter day. Both had come home from work, it was snowing outside, they cuddled on the sofa, when suddenly I heard this lullaby tune and thought: Oops! Someone just got pregnant unexpectedly.

It turned out it was Dorian! This was the second unplanned pregnancy in the game (first was Carlotta). If I remember it correctly, I had the Autonomous Casual Romance Adjuster not yet spawned on both occasions. Lewis did not hesitate a second and proposed to Dorian, and they threw another of their famous parties on the same day to celebrate the wedding.

Aeon Adams, son of Akira and Tony Adams, now grown-up and in college, was one of their guests. I thought he looked stunning, just like his grandfather Raeburn Shadowbane.

Here is an older pic of the Shadowbane clan, Rae in the back, Akira and her mother Sheena Cyrus in the middle, Elaine Cyrus, Akira´s daughter in the front. In between you can see Aeon, he is Elaine´s brother.

Did I mention I think Aeon looks stunning? :-) The Shadowbanes/Cyruses make very beautiful kids. No plastic surgery ever needed :-)

Other party guests, Luna Hatter, Wynona Carrion, Dorian´s father Edward. Totally love the girl´s dresses! Wynona looks a bit as if she just bit into a lemon.

Dorian pops a belly soon after ...

Ah, great choice of colors, program :-)

And when he was all alone one afternoon, the baby came. Poor Dorian, but he managed well, and at least he did not have to deal with his partner giving him the "Bleh!" afterwards, like Count Maxim with Cissy. It is a girl, and I named her Stella.

Dorian looks so proud :-)

The house is not very big, so it was a bit of a hassle to find a place for the nursery. Lewis insisted on more Steampunk style.



While going through my folders, I just stumbled over this image of Lewis mother, Alice McGee. I want to participate in a contest over at DeviantArt organized by TheSimsWorld, "Fairytales and Folklore", and picked "Alice in Wonderland" as my theme. Alice had already received a heavy make-over, because she was just too troubled. So, I sent the poor woman into rehab, got her some beautiful clothes from Zauma, and invited her to Wonderland, a community lot owned by Matt Hatter.

I took about 300 more shots, and will participate with another image, but I kinda liked this one very much:

More images from that shoot can be found here.

That´s it for today :-) Thanks for reading!

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