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Gustavsson Legacy III - Generation 2 Anders Gustavsson in College

So, Anders joined the wild bunch at La Tour University. I had a baby boom in my neighbourhood, suddenly everybody wanted babies, and they are all together there now, 15 kids in various semesters. Gosh, it gets a bit tedious, because they constantly roll wants to chat with each other on the phone. Annoying!

Back to Anders. I took a peek at the crystal bowl to see who his best match would be. Turns out one triple bolter for him is Basic Grey, another is Christel, who was in college before and turned into a townie.

Anders goes shopping for a mobile phone, and guess who shows up? Basic.

Of course, Basic gets invited. They get along well.

Well, yeah, now it is rule-breaking time. The rule would be to find him a townie partner, but these two are just too cute with each other.

I make a half-hearted attempt and summon Christel to his home later.

The attempt stays half-hearted. Christel is really sweet, but Anders has made up his mind and already rolled the wish to get engaged with Basic. I will have to see how the twins will do once they join the college crowd.

Anders applies for membership in the Greek House, currently Elaine Adams, Eldred Rice and Luna Hatter are living there. My favorite place in college! As soon as Eldred and Luna move out, Anders will join in.

A typical day in the Greek House. Anders seems unimpressed or maybe already worn out. From left to right:

Anders, Flux Hatter, Sophie Black, The Streaker, Ziggy Stardust, Eldred Rice, Aeon Adams and a college townie.

Back at Basic´s place, Anders doesn´t look too happy doing his homework.

Well, college drags on and on, especially if you have so many kids there at the same time. So, there is not much going on. Basic and Anders are engaged now, and hopefully will make it safely through the four years.

A little bit later the twins joined college, too. They at first shared a flat with Reaumur Shadowbane, son of Rae and Matt Shadowbane, née Hatter.

I usually roll the dice for getting the aspiration, the poor kid became a Romance Sim, despite his fathers being both Knowledge Sims. Well, I try to keep going with this as long as possible. Here he is, trying out his luck with cute Loic Inward.


Flynn Gustavsson, looking a little emo eating his chef salad.

His twin brother Arkadij, who is a little emo, too. Maybe because their mother Marja was so sick when they were babies, and they were basically raised by a servo? :-)

At their apartment with Reaumur, Loic and Nikolai Ramirez, the college/ACR mishap. His father Max Flexor was still in college while Nikolai joined, so I raced trough the last semester to get Max out of college and made him a townie.

I am already completely losing track of who is in love with whom in this boy group. Loic is obviously high in demand.

As is Nikolai Ramirez, another Romance sim if I remember correctly. I decided to just let them go and wait til the last semester to decide who is going to live with whom. With such a bunch of Romance Sims, it is kind of hard to form stable relationships :-)

That´s it for the time being! It might take a while to get this crowd through college. Stay tuned :-)

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